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Convene Video Conferencing

Convene Video Conferencing

A new innovation for our award-winning board meeting software has arrived! Azeus Convene’s new video conferencing feature supports everything required to hold a successful and productive remote meeting.

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Advance the Board Meeting Process

Streamline your meetings into one collaborative, easy-to-use, and secure platform.

Designed to meet the needs of senior level executives and administrators, Azeus Convene advocates for smarter meetings – less effort with better results. Built with feature-rich tools, it enables its users to run digital meetings which enhance transparency and accountability in an organisation.

As a paperless meeting solution, it saves money on printing costs, reduces preparation time, and meets sustainability targets. Available on all platforms – whether it may be iOS, Android, Windows, and even Web, it allows decision-makers to access documents anytime and anywhere.

Smart Governance Processes

Ensure informed decision making processes for your boards

The board of directors’ key purpose is to enact strategies that would prioritize the well-being of its stakeholders. In addition to matters pertaining to business operations and financial issues, directors deal with challenges related to corporate governance, corporate social responsibility, and corporate ethics among others. As such, they would need information that is organised, relevant, and delivered in real-time. With Azeus Convene, board members are able to securely access documents, assign action items, and review notes instantaneously on their preferred device.

Convene as a Board Meeting Software: Smart Governance Processes
  • Stay informed through real-time updates and interaction
  • Follow presenter’s flow with Azeus Convene’s page synchronisation
  • Direct participants’ attention through our laser pointer tool
  • Access documents anytime and anywhere on your preferred platform – whether it’s iOS, Android, or Windows
  • Maintain an easy-to-use search history of the content and outcome of all meetings in our centralised document repository

Simple Meeting Management

Run your meetings in one intuitive platform

Many companies have outside directors who hold three or more directorship roles in other organisations. Considering their busy schedules, board members need a solution that would allow them to work as efficiently and effectively as possible. Azeus Convene is a multi-awarded board meeting software used by directors and executives in more than 100 countries. Designed specifically for organisational leaders, it gives you complete control over the entire meeting process – from pre-meeting preparation to post-meeting document distribution.

Convene as a Board Meeting Software: Simple Meeting Management
  • Easily prepare documents for meetings via Azeus Convene’s drag-and-drop feature
  • Use an easy and intuitive interface and learn it in as fast as 30 minutes
  • Resolve issues by voting either through show of hands or secret ballot
  • Review, sign, and authorise documents by e-signature
  • Generate and distribute meeting minutes and board packs instantly

Secure Documents System

Securely access files whenever and wherever you want

Audit and information security are both essential to corporate compliance with laws and regulations and to the continued success of any organisation. Given the rise of cybersecurity attacks, companies need to take a proactive stance in protecting confidential information. Indeed, cybersecurity management is no longer just the responsibility of the IT department. Azeus Convene is designed and developed with an emphasis on responding to the challenges of enterprise and public services that require data protection, control, availability, and application security.

Convene as a Board Meeting Software: Secure Documents System
  • Keep data safe with Azeus Convene’s 256-bit AES encryption
  • Secure decryption on mobile devices through our multi-factor authentication
  • Host your server either on cloud or within your premises
  • Limit access to data and meeting files by defining access control levels
  • Improve transparency and accountability through audit logs

Taking Meetings to Greater Heights

Azeus Convene as a board meeting software has empowered organisations of all types and has evolved into an enterprise-wide solution. From listed companies, to governments, and even non-profits, they have all reaped unparalleled benefits from using our solution.

Its comprehensive set of tools and functionalities has elevated the standard of meetings worldwide. Built with enterprise-grade security features, administrators and directors alike can be assured that confidential information is protected at all times.

For Directors and Executives

  • Powerful Meeting Tool
    Use Powerful Meeting Tools

    Directors can add private or shared annotations, assign and track actions, and control other devices.

  • Seamless Collaboration
    Allow Seamless Collaboration

    Board members can navigate through pages with a single swipe and get updates instantly through Azeus Convene’s real-time capabilities.

  • Direct Participants Attention
    Direct Participants’ Attention During the Meeting

    When presenting, executives can ensure maximum engagement from other attendees through Azeus Convene’s laser pointer and page synchronization feature.

  • Securely Access Materials
    Securely Access Meeting Materials on Registered Devices

    Azeus Convene’s enterprise-grade security features protects information with multi-factor authentication and enables remote wipe of data for lost or stolen devices.

  • Access Documents
    Access Documents Anytime and Anywhere

    With Azeus Convene, executives can access files anywhere they are – with or without internet access. Everyone instantly gets the latest documents and meeting updates.

For Administrators and Secretaries

  • Prepare Meetings Effortlessly
    Prepare for Meetings Effortlessly

    Secretaries can prepare for meetings with Azeus Convene’s drag-and-drop feature and invite participants in one go.

  • Distribute Meeting Files
    Distribute Meeting Files Instantly

    Documents that used to take hours to prepare, print, post, and shred can be sent to board directors in seconds with just a few clicks

  • Control Access
    Supervise and Control Access to Documents

    Administrators can easily track activities in their environment and set access levels to confidential files through Azeus Convene’s audit trail and permissions-based settings.

  • Export Meeting Minutes
    Export Meeting Minutes and Packs with a Single Click

    Secretaries no longer have to summarise meeting minutes. Annotations made by directors are automatically included in the meeting minutes and packs generated.

  • Store Files
    Store Files and Generate Reports

    Using the document library and auto-summary feature, secretaries can maintain an easy-to-search history of the content and outcome of all the meetings.

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Who Uses Azeus Convene?

Discover why our board meeting software is the perfect digital collaboration tool for all types of users.

  • Board Director

    Board Director

    Getting everyone on the same page is no easy feat, and so Board Directors need a tool that doesn’t just let people meet, but convene.

  • C-Suite Executive

    C-Suite Executive

    As decisions get more crucial and time-bound, it is important that these executives are equipped with the proper meeting tools that allow them to do what they need to do – lead.

  • Company Secretary/ General Counsel

    Company Secretary/ General Counsel

    With the pressure to constantly stay on top of everything, finding a “secretary for the corporate secretary” is a must to remain efficient and effective.

  • Executive Administrator

    Executive Administrator

    Because an EA also ensures that all tasks are followed up on and followed through, a one-stop tool is needed to keep the EA on top of everything and anything.

  • IT Personnel

    IT Personnel

    Aside from handling various IT projects, IT personnel are also on the lookout for the latest technology that could better their company’s internal operations.

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Beyond the Boardroom

Get to know how our board meeting software can become an enterprise-wide solution.

  • Business Sessions

    Business Sessions

    Authorise documents to lessen turnaround delays in the execution of specific decisions

  • Committee Meetings

    Committee Meetings

    Monitor assignments for each committee member to ensure targets are met

  • Lectures and Presentations

    Lectures and Presentations

    Engage with participants with powerful tools and enable real-time interaction

Learn about Use Cases


Have a better understanding of how our board meeting software works.

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Paving the Way for More Purposeful Meetings Worldwide

Read case studies on how our board meeting software has positively impacted companies from different industries.

  • NHS Logo

    Anne Greaves, Digital Communications Officer of Sheffield shares how they were able to reduce their paper usage by 58,500 in one year

  • Caffcass Logo

    Elizabeth Morrison, Board and Corporate Support Assistant of Cafcass, tells about their straightforward and user-friendly experience with Azeus Convene

  • America First Credit Union

    Thayne Shaffer, Senior Vice Prsident at AFCU, gives details on why they consider Convene as the “best for value”

  • CITB Logo

    Alison Walker-Fraser, Corporate Governance Manager of CITB, recounts how they received excellent technical support for all their 150 users

Hear from Our Clients

Read testimonials from our customers on why they chose our board meeting software.

  • Linklaters

    “(Convene is) very simple and easy to use from both the admin side and the app side. I’ve also found Azeus to be a pleasure to work with, really going the extra mile to get help us get up and running before a critical board meeting.”

    - Sophia Swain, Enterprise Architect of Linklaters
  • Big Lottery Fund

    “We had trialed several other platforms and felt that Convene offered the most versatility and functions, was easy to use and is a cost effective solution to move away from paper meetings.”

    - Karnak Chhatralia, Governance Officer of Big Lottery Fund
  • White Horse Housing

    “I have been impressed with the simplicity of the system so far and this is just what was required. From my point of view the system admin was easy to understand and I found creating and building meetings and agenda’s very straight-forward”

    - Stephen Warran, Chief Executive Officer of White Horse Housing Association
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Experience Azeus Convene

Learn how Azeus Convene can give you a great meeting experience. Get a 30-day free trial with no cost or obligation

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