Transition to a Paperless Meeting Environment

Transition to a Paperless Meeting Environment

Be part of the digital revolution and use Convene as your paperless meeting solution.

Green Initiative and Digital Transformation
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Benefits of Having a Paperless Meeting Solution

Going paperless through Convene can enable your organization to have more efficient, productive, and sustainable meetings.

Advantages of Paperless Meeting Environment

Aside from the money, paper, and time that you will save from paperless meetings, make your whole meeting process more eco-friendly and efficient.

Fast and Secure Document Distribution

Fast and Secure Document Distribution

Companies no longer have to deal with delays when it comes to disseminating information across the board. Through a paperless meeting solution, organizations can distribute meeting materials to all participants and allow them to review files with a single tap or click.

Dynamic Meeting Discussions

Dynamic Meeting Discussions

Organizations can increase engagement, participation and collaboration in the boardroom by using a paperless meeting environment powered by intuitive and interactive meeting tools.

Sustainable Solution

Sustainable Solution

The UN’s Sustainability Development Goals provide businesses with a powerful aspiration in improving our world and gives companies an opportunity to protect our planet. With Convene, organizations can achieve sustainability targets by using an eco-friendly solution in the entire workplace.

Varied Information Representation

Varied Information Representation

Printed materials can only accommodate a number of media types. With paperless meeting solutions, the possibilities are endless. Non-text/graphic information such as audio and video can be easily incorporated into board materials in order to enhance and elevate board discussions.

Checklist for Paperless Meetings

As an organization shifts to a paperless meeting environment, it needs to prepare the following to make the transition as smooth as possible. By carrying out these action steps, a company can reduce risks and achieve its business goals.

  • Prioritize Security

    Shifting to paperless meetings means that your organization will be using a software to store and distribute confidential files. Ensure document protection by checking that your software of choice has robust security features, such as Document Encryption, Secure Document Signing, Multi-Factor Authentication, Role-Based Access Controls, and Audit Trail.

  • Ensure Compatibility

    The goal of digitizing boardroom meetings is to make your organization’s current process more effective and efficient. This is why it’s essential to ensure that the software matches your infrastructure. Accessibility on any device, flexibility of hosting options, and availability of integrations on tools that you are currently using are some of the things that you need to consider.

  • Verify Support Availability

    Transitioning to a paperless meeting environment requires for the users to learn the features, so it’s key for the software to be able to provide local support, 24/7/365 live phone, email and chat support, and unlimited training to make the switch seamless.

  • Check Interface Usability

    Making the change to rely on technology to run your meetings can be intimidating, but with the right software with easy-to-use features, and intuitive user interface, the shift to paperless meetings will be effortless.

  • Choose a Proven Paperless Meeting Solution

    You will need software to digitize the whole meeting process, so this is where the paperless meeting solution comes in. It’s important to carefully pick a software that your organization can trust.

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