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Learn how Convene can give you a great meeting experience. Get a 30-day free trial with no cost or obligation.

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Convene Video Conferencing

Convene Video Conferencing

A new innovation for our award-winning board meeting software has arrived! Azeus Convene’s new video conferencing feature supports everything required to hold a successful and productive remote meeting.

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Choose a Proven Board Meeting Solution

Get to know the reasons on why our board management software has been trusted by organisations across the globe.

  • Strong Security System

    Our enterprise-grade security measures guarantee protection of your organisation’s information at all times.

  • Daily automated backups

    Daily automated backups to ensure data integrity

  • SSAE16- and ISO27001-compliant hosting

    SSAE16- and ISO27001-compliant hosting

  • Audit logging

    Audit logging and fine-grained access control

  • Automatic purge

    Automatic purge for lost devices

  • Regular penetration testing

    Regular application and infrastructure penetration testing

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  • Proven Track Record

    Our broad experience of successfully delivering IT solutions on a global scale has allowed us to build an extensive track record.

  • Continuous product improvement

    Continuous product improvement

  • 25+ years of experience

    25+ years of experience in the IT industry

  • 365/24/7 global support

    365/24/7 global support from professionals

  • Repeat customers with multi-year contracts

    High percentage of repeat customers with multi-year contracts

  • Increase in number of users

    Exponential increase in number of users

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  • Positive Impact on Bottom Line

    Through Azeus Convene, our clients were able to save resources and cut down their expenses – all the while using a green solution.

  • Thousands of sheets of paper saved

    Thousands of sheets of paper saved per year

  • Cheaper than other solutions

    Significantly cheaper than other solutions in the market

  • Preparation time for meetings saved

    Preparation time for meetings saved in a year

  • Thousands of dollars saved

    Tens of thousands of dollars saved per year

  • Sustainable and environment-friendly solution

    Sustainable and environment-friendly solution

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  • Streamlined Meeting Management

    With Azeus Convene, you’ll be able to have complete control over the entire meeting process – from pre-meeting preparation to post-meeting document distribution.

  • Add annotations and track items

    Add annotations and track and assign action items

  • Easy-to-use and intuitive interface

    Easy-to-use and intuitive tools and interface

  • Generate meeting minutes

    Generate meeting minutes and summary instantly

  • Sign and authorise documents

    Sign and authorise documents with e-signature

  • Vote on resolutions

    Vote on resolutions and review documents

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  • Flexible and Highly Adaptable Solution

    Bearing in mind the varying business requirements of our clients, we have designed Azeus Convene to be easily integrated into every organisation.

  • 11 supported languages

    11 supported languages

  • Omni-platform compatibility

    Omni-platform compatibility

  • Diversified hosting options

    Diversified hosting options

  • Special features available

    Special features available

  • Frequent updates

    Frequent updates to suit business needs

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Experience Convene

Learn how Convene can give you a great meeting experience. Get a 30-day free trial with no cost or obligation.

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