What is a Board Portal?

A board portal also known as a board management software, is a digital tool that facilitates secure communication between directors and senior executives on their chosen device anytime and anywhere.

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Board portals provide board directors and administrators with communication and collaboration tools to simplify document sharing, minute tracking, online voting, and decision-making.

Designed to elevate transparency, practice good governance, and work efficiently, a board management software streamlines the entire meeting process – removing the need to print documents, coordinate through emails, and compiling annotations.

When choosing the perfect board portal software for your organization, you need to look at features that can make your board meetings more efficient and more organized — easy to use, secured and responsive to your needs.

What Should I Look For in a Board Portal?

With multiple vendors out there, it’s important to know what to look for when choosing a board management solution.

How to Choose the Right Board Portal Vendor

The use of board portals has become essential to many organizations over the years. Companies and organizations from different industries have been relying on such software to increase efficiency while lowering administrative costs.

For those looking for the best board portal software, it is critical to know that how to choose the right service provider. Beyond product features, you also need to consider these factors.

  • Sustainability

    Consider how long the vendor has been around and how much longer they will be around. Look for a vendor that you can rely on for the long haul.

  • Flexibility

    Choose a vendor that can put time and effort into really customizing the board portal the way you want to. They should be able to implement necessary adjustments to your board portal or to your subscription plan as needed.

  • Support and Geographic Presence

    Choose a vendor that can put time and effort into really customizing the board portal the way you want to. They should be able to implement necessary adjustments to your board portal or to your subscription plan as needed.

  • Security Practices

    It is incredibly important that your board portal of choice employs a security model that you can be comfortable with. Evaluate whether their security measures and data storage practices are compliant with your organization’s requirements.

A Comprehensive Guide to Board Portals

Use this guide to help you find the most reliable and efficient board management software that meets your organization’s needs.

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    Brief History of Board Portals

    The whole concept of board portals was non-existent years ago. However, significant changes brought about by a combination of events across the globe have created this market. With this, the idea of using software as an integral part of board communications was born.

  • Given the dependence of directors and secretaries on board portals, it is important that the chosen solution will be able to satisfy the vast requirements of any given organization whether it may be non-profit, a listed company, or even a government institution.

  • The global board portal market is expected to show continuous growth in the coming years. Aside from essential features, it is vital that the right criteria must be considered in selecting a board portal solution.

  • The use of board portals has been extended well beyond the premises of the boardroom. Board portals are now deployed across the entire organization — from audit committees to ad hoc teams. Board portals have become an enterprise-wide solution for integrated communications.

  • Convene has everything you need to run digital meetings. Designed specifically for executives and administrators, it streamlines the entire meeting process.

The Board Portal Solution for Directors and Administrators

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Convene is an award-winning board portal software designed to make the entire meeting cycle from preparation to documentation more efficient and simplified.

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Top organizations have convened and experienced the difference.

American First Credit Union
Boort District Health
Bristol Airport
Buckinghamshire County Council
Children and Family Court Advisory and Support Service
Fidelity International Ltd.
Emaar Hospitality Group

Made for Enterprise-Level Collaboration

Using Convene’s comprehensive meeting management tool, executives can easily collaborate in real-time and make informed decisions anytime, anywhere.

Powerful Live Meeting Tools

Convene’s full suite of features enables executives to collaborate in real-time and make informed decisions anytime, anywhere.

Built-In Video Conferencing

Complete the virtual meeting experience by conducting video calls with no additional setup needed.

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Voting and Approval Workflow

Expedite approval and decision making with tools such as E-Signature and Review Rooms, all in one integrated secure application.

Multi-Platform Access

Access Convene anytime, anywhere, using your device of choice — may it be iOS, Android, Mac, or Windows.

Enterprise-Grade Security and Hosting

Protect data with state-of-the-art security measures, such as Biometric Authentication, Remote Data Wipe and Auto-Purge.

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Full System Ownership

Have full control of your system and settings, and manage users, groups, roles and permissions.

  • Powerful Live Meeting Tools
  • Built-In Video Conferencing
  • Voting and Approval Workflow
  • Multi-Platform Access
  • Enterprise-Grade Security and Hosting
  • Full System Ownership

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