Creative Social

“This app is a must-have for a multitude of reasons…Ever wanted to make corrections to a report that an employee completed? Make it a training opportunity, and have anyone you would like to join in on a smart device such as Galaxy S3 from T-Mobile, and watch suggestions you make right on their own screen.”

Liz Sunter, Jigsaw24

“It supports an impressive array of devices and platforms (though users on some devices can only attend meetings, not present in them), and we particularly like the simple drag-and-drop interface secretarial staff can use to build some meeting packs.”

Comet Docs

“Easily one of the best mobile, paperless boardroom applications that makes mobile meetings a breeze…it’s a very all-encompassing solution for remote meetings and presentations.”

DeVere Venues

“A handy mobile app for meetings, real-time document sharing and collaboration; with an integrated cloud-based document and meeting portal.”

Nels Dzyre, Hongkiat

“[…] can help you to reduce the time you spend on scheduling meetings as well as archiving the meeting contents because you can send agenda, documents, and updates easily.”

Laura Tucker, Make Tech Easier

“The app makes it easy to conduct meetings and business literally everywhere…you can either sit around a boardroom table and exchange ideas without the flood of paper documents, or conduct your meeting on the fly anywhere you happen to be.”

Vivian Wagner, AMEX Open Forum

“You can update meeting documents instantly without having to send out revised copies to everyone each time there’s a change.”

Neecey Beresford, All Women Stalk

“Business apps should make working life easier and when it comes to dealing with meetings on the fly, the[…] app is a godsend.”

  • Linklaters

    “(Convene is) very simple and easy to use from both the admin side and the app side. I’ve also found Azeus to be a pleasure to work with, really going the extra mile to get help us get up and running before a critical board meeting.”

    – Sophia Swain, Enterprise Architect of Linklaters

  • Big Lottery Fund

    “We had trialed several other platforms and felt that Convene offered the most versatility and functions, was easy to use and is a cost effective solution to move away from paper meetings.”

    – Karnak Chhatralia, Governance Officer of Big Lottery Fund

  • White Horse Housing Association

    “I have been impressed with the simplicity of the system so far and this is just what was required. From my point of view the system admin was easy to understand and I found creating and building meetings and agenda’s very straight-forward”

    – Stephen Warran, Chief Executive Officer of White Horse Housing Association

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