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Convene Video Conferencing

Convene Video Conferencing

A new innovation for our award-winning board meeting software has arrived! Azeus Convene’s new video conferencing feature supports everything required to hold a successful and productive remote meeting.

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Client Testimonials

Read reviews and testimonials on how various individuals and organizations view our board management software.

  • Parking Australia Logo

    “Prior to using Convene we were collating documents from across the business to put into board papers using which was a formatting nightmare. Convene has enabled our organization to set agendas well in advance, create dynamic agendas and importantly give Directors the opportunity to make notes before, during and after the meeting which can be added to the minutes. Voting and resolutions are also able to be done online and the program provides a cloud based solution which gives everyone the ability to source current information.”

    Lorraine Duffy Chief Executive Officer of Parking Australia
  • Big Lottery Fund Logo

    “Convene is more than just a meeting portal – it’s a great resource for sharing publications/documents and electronically reviewing and approving documents without the need to have separate meetings for these. Functions available in this app are great – including combining all meeting papers into one pack. Support is second to none – 24/7 and very accommodating. Overall, Convene has been extremely cost-effective and offers far more functionality in comparison to others we have trialed and has been great asset to us in Governance!”

    Kanak Chhatralia Governance Officer of Big Lottery Fund
  • FitzRoy Support Logo

    “[Convene is] easy to use and simple to understand. [It is good] for GDPR and [for] controlling over access to board information packs.”

    Craig Richards Head of IT of FitzRoy Support
  • Westward Housing Group Logo

    “[Convene is] intuitive and easy to use. It lets you easily and quickly create meetings from the admin side. Meeting attendees can pick up easily and it works on multiple platforms.”

    Lucy Rickson Corporate Support Manager of Westward Housing Group
  • Bracknell Forest Homes Logo

    “The software has clearly set out sections, is easy and intuitive to use, has very informative user guides and excellent customer support.”

    Lynn Howells Governance Officer of Bracknell Forest Homes
  • Hanover Housing Association Logo

    “Convene works across a number of platforms making it ideal for BYOD. We have found customer service to have been very responsive and helpful in adapting the software in response to our feedback. Users need little training as it is very intuititive.”

    Mike Fuller Company Secretary of Hanover Housing Association
  • Parkinson’s UK Logo

    “Convene provides an easily accessible and secure platform to help us manage our board and committee meetings. The platform security and the ability to set access permissions on an individual and group level is particularly important to us in order to maintain data security in relation to confidential and sensitive information. User support from convene is always quick and helpful.”

    Aleksandra Di Fato Governance Coordinator of Parkinson’s UK
  • WHG Logo

    “[Convene is] really user friendly for both administrators and app users. The app offers a lot of functions and the ability to share comments prior to the meeting has assisted with the understanding of reports.”

    Suzie Greenop Assistant Company Secretary of WHG
  • Combat Stress Logo

    “[Convene offers the] functionality to collate all papers into one document, ease of access for all users, and ability to manage the account for users.”

    Lindsay Brittain Assistant Company Secretary of Combat Stress
  • NHS Blood and Transplant Logo

    “[Convene is] very user friendly, easy to use and navigate through, [has a] very useful back end team, [and offers] good customer service.”

    Abdul Khan Executive Assistant to the CEO of NHS Blood and Transplant
  • Onward Homes Logo

    “[Convene is] quick and easy to implement. The software itself is intuitive to use and even the least tech savvy board Members have found it straightforward and easy to use. Having used two similar products, I really struggle to find a fault with Convene, as it generally provides the same functionality more efficiently and for a lower cost.”

    William Gill Governance Manager of Onward Homes
  • English Heritage Logo

    “The software is very intuitive and, despite some initial resistance to moving to paperless meetings (myself included!) I’ve not had any negative comments from users and some are keen to extend use within their own departments. I’m told by those who use other packages that it compares very well with other more expensive software and is very good value for money. Support from Convene has been excellent with a friendly, supportive account manager who is quick to respond to any queries and who is very good at explaining things.”

    Kathryn Lanning Governance Officer of English Heritage
Capterra Logo

All reviews are taken from Convene’s page in Capterra

  • Big Lottery Fund Logo

    “We had trialed several other platforms and felt that Convene offered the most versatility and functions, was easy to use and is a cost effective solution to move away from paper meetings.”

    Karnak Chhatralia Governance Officer of Big Lottery Fund
  • White Horse Housing Association Logo

    “I have been impressed with the simplicity of the system so far and this is just what was required. From my point of view the system admin was easy to understand and I found creating and building meetings and agenda’s very straight-forward”

    Stephen Warran Chief Executive Officer of White Horse Housing Association
  • Linklaters Logo

    “(Convene is) very simple and easy to use from both the admin side and the app side. I’ve also found Azeus to be a pleasure to work with, really going the extra mile to get help us get up and running before a critical board meeting.”

    Sophia Swain Enterprise Architect of Linklaters

Experience Convene

Learn how Convene can give you a great meeting experience. Get a 30-day free trial with no cost or obligation.

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