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Empower your board with a smart, simple, and secure board management software trusted by leading organisations across the globe.

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The board management software of choice by top companies worldwide

Azeus Convene is a multi-awarded and leading board portal software that is used by directors and executives across the globe. Trusted by listed companies, governments, and non-profits, its comprehensive meeting features have elevated the standards of meetings.

Designed to meet the needs of senior level executives and administrators, Azeus Convene advocates for smarter meetings – less effort with better results. Built with feature-rich tools, it enables its users to run digital meetings which enhance transparency and accountability in an organisation and allow them to achieve higher levels of productivity and collaboration in and out of the boardroom.

Azeus Convene as a Board Management Software - Smart Governance Processes

Smart Governance Processes

A board of directors’ main purpose is to ensure the organisation’s success by jointly directing the company’s activities and prioritising the well-being of its stakeholders. They have the fiduciary duty to protect the enterprise’s assets and their investors’ interests. Azeus Convene is built with features that address the challenges related to corporate governance, corporate social responsibility, and corporate ethics among others.

Azeus Convene as a Board Management Software - Simple Meeting Management

Simple Meeting Management

Board members need a solution that would allow them to work as efficiently and effectively as possible. Tasked with the responsibility of providing direction for the organization, directors need tools that will enable them to do their duties competently. Designed specifically to meet the needs of organisational leaders, Azeus Convene gives you complete control over the entire meeting process – from pre-meeting preparation to post-meeting document distribution.

Azeus Convene as a Board Management Software - Secure Documents System

Secure Documents System

Given the rise of cyber security attacks, companies need to take a proactive stance in protecting confidential information. Now more than ever, the stakes are higher and companies are at risk of losing not just trade secrets, but also their image and reputation. Azeus Convene is designed and developed with an emphasis on responding to the challenges of enterprise and public services that require data protection, control, availability, and application security.


With the ever-changing scope of their role, directors are under pressure to perform and deliver consistently. With Azeus Convene, executives are quickly able to make decisions and work on their chosen platform – anytime and anywhere.


Responsible for the efficient administration of a company, particularly with matters related to compliance, administrators need tools that can help move the organization forward. Driven to make work easier for secretaries across the globe, Azeus Convene is equipped with features that will eliminate tedious processes.

Key Features

Enjoy a comprehensive set of tools through the use of our board management software.

  • Key Features - Pre-Meeting Preparation



    Minimise backlogs and inefficiencies in preparing for meetings

    • Drag and drop files
    • Create an agenda
    • Schedule meetings
    • Set access levels
    • Invite Participants
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  • Key Features - During Meeting Presentation

    Meeting Presentation

    Engage directors and ensure efficient decision making in the boardroom

    • Start remote meetings
    • Make annotations
    • Vote on items
    • Enable page sync
    • Direct attention
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  • Key Features - Post Meeting Documentation


    Document Distribution

    Securely distribute confidential information to members of the board

    • Summarise meetings
    • Send minutes
    • Track actions
    • Export items
    • Download meeting pack
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Security at a Glance

As a premier board management software, we implement the highest security standards for your organisation

  • SSAE16- and ISO 27001-compliant hosting
    SSAE16- and ISO 27001-compliant hosting

    Hosting facilities are certified

  • AES-256 network and document encryption
    AES-256 network and document encryption

    Documents are always encrypted

  • Multiple-factor authentication
    Multiple-factor authentication

    Use only registered devices

  • On-the-fly decryption model
    On-the-fly decryption model

    Security for mobile devices

  • Fine-grained access control
    Fine-grained access control

    Grant access to groups or individuals

  • Automatic purge for lost devices
    Automatic purge for lost devices

    Temporary files are deleted

  • Audit trail
    Audit trail

    Track all activities your environment

  • Password policy
    Password policy

    Password is protected using AES 256-bit

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The Azeus Convene Advantage

As a top-notch product, Azeus Convene takes pride in being the most efficient and economical board management software in the market

  • 90,000

    sheets of paper saved per year

  • 2x

    cheaper than other solutions

  • $10,000

    cost savings per annum

  • 90%

    meeting preparation time saved

Discover more benefits
  • Why Convene

    Learn what sets Convene apart and makes it superior from all the other competitors.

  • Strong Security System

    Strong Security System

  • Proven Track Record

    Proven Track Record

  • Positive Impact on Bottom Line

    Positive Impact on Bottom Line

  • Streamlined Meeting Management

    Streamlined Meeting Management

  • Flexible and Highly Adaptable Solution

    Flexible and Highly Adaptable Solution

Why Choose Convene

Measurable Results, Real Experiences

Get to know how Azeus Convene was able to impact different types of organisations from various industries.

  • America First Credit Union
    Learn why America First Credit Union considered Convene as “best for value”

    “With its highly efficient board portal for iPad, Android, Windows and Mac, Convene was a clear winner, offering great value for comprehensive features, such as ADFS, intuitive design and stringent security. Convene helped to streamline our board meeting processes to save time and money.”

    - Thayne Shaffer, Senior Vice President and Controller
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  • NHS sheffield logo
    Learn how Sheffield Children’s NHS Trust was able to reduce their paper usage by 48,500 pages in one year

    “The main driver for switching to Convene was the amount of time and money we were spending on printing. The average board pack was 104 pages, with 14 participants and 11 meetings a year. That’s 16,000 pages.”

    - Anne Greaves, Digital Communications Officer
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  • Cafcass logo
    Hear about Cafcass’s straightforward and user-friendly experience with Azeus Convene

    “We took Convene’s user guidance and ran workshops with the board members, who found it straightforward and user-friendly. As the administrator I didn’t need any formal training either.”

    - Elizabeth Morrison, Board and Corporate Support Assistant
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Introduction to Azeus Convene

Watch our short video to get an overview of how our board management software works.

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