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Paperless Meetings

Be part of the digital revolution and use Azeus Convene in your organization

In today’s digital age, there is a challenge for companies to take on a more proactive role in sustainable development by investing in ecological practices and making outward-facing innovations in order to address the issues of today and create solutions for tomorrow.

This lifelong commitment to responsible business goes hand in hand with promoting an environmentally-friendly culture in the workplace. Learn how going paperless with Azeus Convene can enable your organization to have more efficient, productive, and sustainable meetings.

Benefits of Paperless Meetings: Reduced Paper Usage

Reduced Paper Usage

It may seem like a difficult task to overcome, but implementing paperless operations within a business can be achieved. With Convene, organizations can cut down paper usage by as much as 100,000 pages per year through a paperless meeting environment.

Benefits of Paperless Meetings: Cost-Efficient Meeting Software

Cost-Efficient Meeting Software

Aside from the logistical benefits, a company’s bottom line can also significantly improve by going paperless. Just like our clients, save as much as $10,000 per year and allocate your resources to more value-adding initiatives for the company.

Benefits of Paperless Meetings: Sustainable Solution

Sustainable Solution

The UN’s Sustainability Development Goals provide companies with an opportunity to improve business systems and protect our planet. With Convene, organizations can achieve sustainability targets by using an eco-friendly solution in the workplace.

Benefits of Paperless Meetings: Easy Meeting Preparation

Easy Meeting Preparation

Secretaries no longer have to deal with huge piles of papers during meetings. Organizations can eliminate tedious pre-meeting processes and cut down preparation time by 90% with Azeus Convene’s administrative portal.

Benefits of Paperless Meetings: Dynamic Meeting Discussions

Dynamic Meeting Discussions

Fostering effective collaboration and a team-oriented culture to transform ideas into concrete action steps can be done through paperless meetings. Firms can increase engagement and participation in the boardroom with use of an intuitive and interactive paperless meeting solution.

Benefits of Paperless Meetings: Fast Document Distribution

Fast Document Distribution

Companies no longer have to deal with delays when it comes to disseminating information across the board. Through a paperless meeting solution, organizations can distribute meeting materials to all participants and allow them to review files with a single tap or click.

Advantages of a Paperless Meeting Environment

Beyond cost-savings and environmental benefits, paperless meeting solutions such as Convene add value to an organization’s overall collaboration. From enhancing interactions to improving team performance, paperless meetings can invigorate and inspire new innovations.

Advantages of a Paperless Meeting Environment: Seamless Linking

Seamless Linking

During boardroom discussions, there will be an overlap of ideas being thrown around by directors. Bridging topics together is integral in making informed decisions and strategizing the organization’s direction. Without a paperless meeting tool, board members would have a difficult time connecting complex concepts in an easy yet structured manner.

Advantages of a Paperless Meeting Environment: Agile Search

Agile Search

Shuffling through hundreds of pages during meetings can cause inconvenience not just for board members, but also secretaries. The need to filter through vast amounts of materials manually can cause significant delays in decision-making which can adversely affect an organization’s performance. With a paperless meeting environment, relevant information can be easily accessed with a single click and resolutions can be made anytime and anywhere.

Advantages of a Paperless Meeting Environment: Comprehensive Analysis

Comprehensive Analysis

Incorrect inferences are often made from faulty presentation of data. Such is the case when graphs and charts are misprinted, completely altering the understanding and analysis. The use of a paperless meeting solution, however, eliminates this risk by allowing users to view the data as if it had never left the computer.

Advantages of a Paperless Meeting Environment: Varied Information Representation

Varied Information Representation

Printed materials can only accommodate a number of types of media. With paperless meeting solutions, the possibilities are endless. Non-text and graphic information such as audio and video can be easily incorporated into board materials to enhance and elevate board discussions. As we move into the digital age, the need for a flexible paperless meeting solution becomes more pressing as directors become more proficient with technological advancements.

Checklist for Paperless Meetings

Before making the shift to paperless meetings, organizations will need to make internal preparations to ensure that the transition is as smooth as possible.Following this checklist, companies can maximize the use and benefits of their chosen paperless meeting solution.

  • Checklist for Paperless Meetings: Know the Software
    Know the Software

    Doing proper research can help identify features and services that specifically fit an organization. By doing so, a company can spare themselves not only from spending, but also from headaches caused by numerous security problems.

  • Checklist for Paperless Meetings: Provide Support
    Provide Support

    Provide employees with devices and proper protocols to help them get comfortable with the idea of paperless meetings.

  • Checklist for Paperless Meetings: Provide Support
    Invest in Good Internet Connection

    Invest in proper internet infrastructure. A reliable internet connection is a long-term investment towards efficiency and productivity.

  • Checklist for Paperless Meetings: Choose a Proven Paperless Meeting Solution
    Choose a Proven Paperless Meeting Solution

    The best way to digitize your meeting processes is with specialized software. Find a reliable paperless meeting solution that you can trust.

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Experience Convene

Learn how Convene can give you a great meeting experience. Get a 30-day free trial with no cost or obligation.

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You may also contact us at 1 800 795 2024 or at