Azeus Convene is designed and developed with an emphasis on responding to the challenges of enterprise and public services that require data protection, control, availability, and application security. Built with strong encryption mechanisms throughout the system, our web portal allows user administrators to centrally manage user accounts, system policies, file access rights, and monitor system user activities.

Infrastructure Security

Infrastructure Security

  • SSAE16- and ISO 27001-certified hosting facilities in the US, Canada, UK (Ireland), Singapore, and Australia
  • SOC-II Compliant system
  • Unaffected by Heartbleed Vulnerability (a serious bug found in the open-source OpenSSL cryptography library — CVE-2014-0160)
  • Daily automated backups ensure data integrity. Unused or obsolete backups are destroyed and replaced to prevent unauthorised data retrieval
  • Continuous network monitoring of any attempted network attacks. Our staff closely monitor servers in real-time to ensure optimum system performance
  • Operating system hardening of Azeus Convene servers. Login is secured by strict access controls and encrypted access. Administrative access is restricted to authorized personnel only
  • Proxy server support
Network and Document Encryption

Network and Document Encryption

  • Wireless network transmissions between Azeus Convene and its web portal are encrypted via 2048-bit Transport Layer Security (TLS)
  • Encryption of documents with AES 256-bit when stored in Azeus Convene’s local storage and web portal
Secure Decryption on Mobile Devices

Secure Decryption on Mobile Devices

  • Secure, on-the-fly decryption model. When the user needs to access encrypted files on storage, only the needed parts are decrypted into memory
  • Automatic purged local storage for its temporary files. Files are never backed up to iTunes and iCloud
Key Management

Key Management

  • Data is protected by three-tier key management with random document key, user key, and system key
  • User keys are protected which ensures that even restoring a cloned application image to another device cannot decrypt the user key
  • System Administrators only need to keep and manage the system key to control overall security
User Authentication and Password Policy

User Authentication and Password Policy

  • Log in to both Azeus Convene and its web portal with a single user account
  • Strong password policy and password expiration period are enforced
  • Allow only your registered devices to sign in to Azeus Convene to prevent anyone else from accessing your account with an unregistered device
  • Password is encrypted using AES 256-bit
  • Protect meetings through the attendee list
  • Automatically sign out users on session timeout
Access Right Control

Access Right Control

  • Grant access rights to an individual user or user group
  • Allow automatic access right inheritance from parent to subfolders and files to ensure proper access right control while minimising administrative effort
  • Get individual password protection for specific files and folders
  • Enable Read-only and read-write permissions
  • Enforce role-based access permissions to files in the portal and meetings
Security for Lost Devices

Security for Lost Devices

  • Authentication prevents unauthorised access to data on a lost device
  • Multi-level encryption keys and key management reinforce key protection, which is important especially when a device gets lost
  • Data on a lost device is automatically purged when password guessing is detected
  • When password guessing is detected, the system automatically locks the dubious user account and wipes out offline data/cache
Security for Lost Devices

Audit Trail

  • Track all login attempts, file uploads, downloads, and permissions granted to users and user groups
Physical Security

Physical Security

  • 24×7 physical security of hosting facilities which encompasses all computer and network communication systems
Information Security

Information Security

  • Information security controls are governed by strict internal access policy involving provisioning and change control. All employees are trained on data security requirements
Security Testing

Security Testing

  • Application and infrastructure penetration testing are performed regularly

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