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When Going Paperless Is More Than Just Saving Money. The Paperless Benefit of Board Meetings

by Venz Salvador on and last update on January 22, 2021

Going paperless offers numerous benefits for organizations and companies of all sizes.

For example, improved document organization, better data security, and environmental support are just three of the many perks that going paperless brings, directly contributing to enhanced branding.

Find out how your company can improve corporate branding by going paperless.


How Can Going Paperless Boost Corporate Branding?

Since social distancing started reshaping the way businesses operate, you need to embrace digital technology to do business and conduct day-to-day operations.

Forward-thinking companies that are adopting new technologies and innovative approaches stand out among the competition.

In fact, going paperless doesn’t only bring operational benefits. It also propels companies into the future, where digital technologies are creating disruptive opportunities to solve problems.


Establishing Industry Leadership

Paperless technology can help you develop a company with a future-oriented mindset.

With a negative impact on productivity, processing physical documents becomes time-consuming and ineffective. A paperless approach to documentation gives you and your employees more time to spend on high-level tasks.

No need to process physical documents or sift through stacks of files.Â

Definitely, it is a good move to equip employees with tools that help them collaborate more effectively. It streamlines processes and improves communication. In addition, paperless technology gives managers greater insight into the status of action items, creating a company with efficient workflows.


Supporting the Environment

The public expects companies to be more considerate for the environment. Going paperless directly contributes to the well-being of the environment.

Embracing paperless technology and being vocal about it can also help you further your value as a sustainability-focused company.

Board meetings (along with board packs) generate up to 60,000 sheets of paper per year. With a board portal and digitized board packs, this number is cut to zero.

However, paperless technology offers more benefit other than just a reduction in paper usage. Less printing and no need for physical document storage mean less energy use and less space for paper-based archives.

Furthermore, many countries permit companies to store digital records only, so paper-based archive becomes unnecessary.

Paperless technologies and energy-friendly solutions help forward-thinking organizations decrease their carbon footprint.


Easy and Convenient Access to Information

Paper documents have to be processed, organized, and stored. With many documents in the archive, this might create inefficiencies in information retrieval.

You know the feeling when you quickly need to find important documentation but can’t remember where it is stored?

With a board portal software, you can store all important documentation electronically, accessible via a convenient search bar.


Strengthened Document Security for Better Employee Experiences

Paper-based business processes and workflows entail investing in filing cabinets, shredding machines, and storage. On top of that, companies need to follow proper policies for shredding documentation and maintaining document security and confidentiality.Â

Board portals have these multi-layer security measures implemented to protect your data:

  • Encryption
  • Multi-level authentication
  • Secure cloud environment
  • Role-based access control
  • Remote data wipe

Emerge as a Trust-Worthy Organization by Keeping Data Safe

With paperless technology, you don’t have to worry about making backup paper copies of documentation in case something gets lost or damaged.

A board portal software performs regular backup copies of files to defined locations, such as in hard drives or in the cloud.

When important documents are scattered all over the internal network, a data breach can have disastrous consequences. You won’t know the degree of damage until well after the attack.

Delayed data breach response can result in more severe consequences.

However, with organized and secured data stored in one place with a backup location, you’d know where everything is and who has access to it. In this way, you equip your business especially with regard to security matters.

Plus, your organization’s resilience against cyberattacks increases.


Improved Document Sharing Directly Translates into Great Business Branding

While it seems not related, sharing documentation and knowledge across your organization builds a successful business where experience is not only valued but also shared.

In turn, how well a business operates influences how well its stakeholders are served. Information flow is a key ingredient to building a greater employee, and even customer, experience where everyone receives information in a timely and organized way.

Proper information flow goes a long way to improving teamwork, collaboration, and experience sharing.

It can be tempting to scribble away information on post-it notes, but containing corporate documentation and notes to a single platform can help you disseminate information better.


Go Paperless to Enhance Business Branding across the Organization

Leading companies stand out of the competition by being responsive to change and highly adaptive to the peculiarities of the fluctuating business environment. As such, these companies use technology and innovation to provide high-quality solutions and products to their customers regardless of circumstances.

With impeccable service and structured workflows, technology-enabled companies become valued employers and recommended vendors. Convene is a convenient tool for organizing virtual meetings and managing business documentation.

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Learn how Convene can give you a great meeting experience. Get a 30-day free trial with no cost or obligation.

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