A Paperless Work Space

Are You Prepped For A Paperless Work Space?

by Hazel Sartorio on and last update on July 09, 2019

We have long established the benefits of board portal software and how companies can prepare for it. But employees should keep in mind that the success of this innovation wouldn’t be possible without the help of every individual in the company. Below are some pointers in preparing for a paperless work space:

1. Free up enough space in your smartphone for downloading documents.

A paperless work space means there is a reduced amount of clutter in your office. This is where your smartphone, tablet, or laptop comes into play. A mobile device is the most important tool for creating a paperless work space; you have to prepare an ample amount of storage in it because this is where you will save necessary applications and convert all materials digitally.


2. Download a mobile document scanning app to quickly convert paper documents to digital files.

There are a lot of scanning applications for Android and iOS that would require you to take a photo of a printed document before it quickly converts the photo into a PDF file. This cuts down on the time and effort you’d spend when using an actual scanner. Some of the most popular scanning applications are CamScanner, FineScanner, ScanBot, and Google Drive (for Android devices only).


3. Make sure your operating system is up to date.

Your device will work more efficiently if your operating system and applications are always up to date. Oftentimes, the developers of your applications upgrade their own product with new features that would enhance their performance.


4. Minimize access to social media and other non-work related sites during work hours.

If you are using your company’s internet connection, excessive use of websites like YouTube, Facebook, and Snapchat can exceed bandwidth limit which would greatly affect your office’s internet speed.
Aside from that, social media is simply the most evident distraction that we should try to avoid in order for us to work effectively. Try to turn off social media notifications so that you will not get distracted while working. You can also treat social media as a reward; use it only when you achieved something productive.


5. Carry a battery pack to recharge your devices wherever you are.

Gone are the days when a mobile’s battery life can survive up to two days or more. With all the applications, Wi-Fi, mobile data usage, and other work-related matters that could possibly drain your battery, keeping a portable power supply is almost a necessity nowadays. We don’t want unanswered emergency calls and emails just because we ran out of battery from using Facebook all day long.


6. Keep backup copies of your files.

Keeping back up files digitally is not as hard as keeping printed ones. You just need to have a good amount of secure storage capacity. But a mobile device can get lost or stolen anytime. This is why it is necessary to back up your documents using file storage applications like Dropbox, Google Drive, or Box.


7. Activate security measures for your smartphone.

Since we are now trying to work in a paperless work space, it is important for us to secure our mobile devices to avoid data theft and leakage.
There are a lot of options now to securely protect your device. Aside from the usual password, there’s voice activation, pass code, phone lock pattern, and fingerprint scan. Some applications like Convene provide their own security measures when opening the app like the two-factor authentication and the auto-purge feature that is activated when unauthorized access is detected.
Do you have any other tips for preparing for a paperless work space? Comment down below!

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