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Finding the Right Mix

Technologies vs. Employees: Finding the Right Mix

by Alexandrea Roman on and last update on July 10, 2020

This is a guest post by Steven, the content marketer of, an online platform that facilitates daily, positive peer recognition in the workplace.

The use of technology in a business today is as unlimited as the technology itself. Technology can make businesses go global instead of catering to only a local market. It helps your business reduce unnecessary costs and makes it competitive within its industry.

But are your employees happy with how technology affects their jobs?

Modern businesses face serious challenges in finding the balance between the use of technology and the satisfaction of their employees. It is widely acknowledged that companies with highly motivated employees outperform the competition and show vivid growth in productivity.

It cannot be denied that both technology and people are essential to the success of your business. In this article, we’ll discuss how these two things contribute to your business and then introduce tips on how your business can maintain technological progress while keeping your employees happy.

Technology: The First Pillar

As previously mentioned, the use of technology boosts your production with lower costs. It makes operation faster and more efficient.

Ian Narev, CEO at Commonwealth Bank of Australia, said that technology can make your business a leader in the market. As per his argument, Commonwealth Bank, Australia’s largest bank, made profits amounting to $7.8 billion in the last financial year, beating all their competitors.

So how come some businesses are reluctant to invest in technology?

Maybe it’s because technology has potential to stimulate unemployment by replacing a sizeable chunk of the workforce. Also, relying on technology might diminish the generation of creative ideas.

Employees: The Second Pillar

A lot of business owners argue that technology boosts their revenue whereas employees increase their costs. Nonetheless, human capital is still their best resource for good ideas that can turn into new products.

Employee productivity improves proportionally to their motivation. Highly motivated employees have potential to contribute and participate in the business with their full commitment.

Global business leaders are aware of the importance of their employees; hence they have taken steps to build a collaborative or relaxing working environment to encourage high productivity.

Organising a regular event, meeting or even a teambuilding trip may bring your employees closer to the business and make them feel involved in its objectives. However, such activities are costly and time-consuming, going against the idea that a business needs to move quicker than others to compete in these modern times.

A Third Way

The question now is, what can you do to keep your business profitable and your employees satisfied? The answer lies in technologies that complement your employees’ work instead of assuming their function. One key area is communication.

Managers know what their employees do, but they don’t usually know what their employees feel about it unless they ask. However, it takes time to sit down and talk with employees. To address this problem, facilitate the process with fast and efficient technology for meetings.

And it’s much simpler than you think. An online meeting platform allows employees to communicate their ideas and collaborate with one another. In turn, managers can use it to motivate their employees and recognise what they do for the company. By using meeting apps with colleagues or supervisors, your employees will be able to access relevant information and align their goals with business objectives.

The use of technology to hold online meetings in your company will bring about more creative ideas. Of course, some levels of restriction are required to keep the business secure. However, people feel motivated under an environment that welcomes their contributions and encourages their participation.

“One machine can do the work of fifty ordinary men. No machine can do the work of one extraordinary man.” – Elbert Hubbard

Try out an online platform now, such as WooBoard – a platform that facilitates daily and accessible positive peer recognition in the workplace. It will create and deliver value to your business and your employees.

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