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How Technology Increases Competitive Advantage

by Alexandrea Roman on and last update on December 06, 2019

For many organizations, cost savings is one of the biggest reasons for moving to digital tools offered by solution providers. By going paperless and adopting streamlined processes, they save more money, effort, and time. But what they don’t realize right away is that there’s another benefit to going digital, and that’s gaining competitive advantage. The following reasons clearly illustrate why:

Selecting only the best systems

Organizations have the upper hand during the procurement stage because they have a wide pool of solution providers to choose from. They are in a position to demand, so they can ask for references, recommendations, and certifications before picking out the providers they want to work with. They can also request demos and trials to get a firsthand experience of a digital tool’s design and usability. In short, organizations have all the resources they need to make well-informed decisions before closing the deal. They don’t have to settle, not when they have the opportunity to select the software that best suits their purposes.

Relying on support that grows as they grow

It’s hard for organizations to scale support on their own as they grow, but not for solution providers. They design their digital tools to accommodate not only organizations of different sizes, but also changes in those sizes. This leaves organizations with the freedom to grow unbridled without having to worry about support issues. This is definitely an edge over their competitors that have to control their growth due to lack of adequate support.

Staying true to their core business

Not all organizations have a strong technical foothold, especially those whose core business is far removed from IT. This means that investment on building IT infrastructure and creating in-house digital tools isn’t practical or feasible. The best option they have is to work with solution providers to give them the technology they need, allowing them to keep their focus on what really matters, like their business initiatives.

Not having to spend on expensive recruitment

Building a strong IT department is no joke. Members should have highly specialized skills, but those in-demand skills come at a high price which many non-IT organizations aren’t able to afford without sacrificing other aspects of their core business. Fortunately, solution providers have their own team of experts to handle operations, removing the pressure of recruitment off the shoulders of their clients.

Utilizing a team of experts at their call

Many solution providers go beyond delivering just the software itself to their clients. For a better customer experience, they also offer added-value services such as free access to an expert IT team. Clients can tap this team for additional support, as well as for consultation and collaboration. It’s an often overlooked resource, but once organizations know how to harness it, IT expertise will be within their reach without the added cost.

Technology is fast permeating businesses of all sizes. It’s no longer just about making processes more convenient or affordable — it’s now about making enterprises more competitive in a market full of contenders. Organizations wishing to have an edge over everyone else need to embrace digital tools sooner rather than later in order to enjoy all the benefits listed above.

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