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Hong Kong Government Departments

iPad-based Paperless Meetings of Hong Kong Government Departments

by Alexandrea Roman on and last update on March 18, 2020

In response to a government-wide paperless initiative, departments of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government (HKSARG) set out to look for user-friendly, easy to use, well-managed, and secure paperless meeting solutions.

Use Case for Paperless Meetings

A paperless meeting solution was required for the departments’ management-level meetings. They needed a solution that was not only secure but also easy to use in order to minimise the costs of technological transition and encourage user adoption.

Since the meetings involved the departments’ top-level management staff, the information and materials discussed are sensitive and confidential. The departments required a secure environment to protect their meeting data.

The users needed a solution that would allow:

  • Easy scheduling and preparation of the meeting by the secretary
  • Getting the meeting materials prepared in advance
  • Jotting down private notes on a participant’s own copy of the materials during the meeting
  • Reviewing materials and meeting notes after the meeting


Convene Enterprise was selected as the departments’ paperless meeting solution for its mobility, ease of use, and emphasis on security.

Thanks to Convene’s user friendly interface and intuitive design, almost no training effort was required for their management-level staff, making the solution easy to be deployed and adopted.

Before a meeting – The secretary can schedule a meeting and collate all the meeting materials through the Convene portal. Every participant receives an email invitation and allows him to preview the meeting materials and jot down pre-meeting notes onto the documents using the annotation tools.

Joining a meeting – Users can join meetings on their mobile devices with a single tap—without the need to setup laptops, desktop computers, or even projectors. This greatly lessens the administrative effort to set up the meeting and lets users meet in any location.

During a meeting – Participants can take up the presenter role to conduct real-time presentations on the meeting materials. The presenter can use the built-in laser pointer and annotation tools to illustrate his or her ideas. Other participants are synchronised in real-time as they follow the flow of the presenter. Participants can also browse a private copy of the meeting materials, review their pre-meeting notes and jot down private meeting notes and comments, during the discussion.

After a meeting – All meeting notes and annotations are automatically saved to the Convene portal when the meeting is concluded. Participants can review the meeting materials and notes at any time after the meeting. Annotated documents can also be exported as PDF files for sharing.

Security – Convene Enterprise provides a highly secured environment to ensure that the sensitive meeting data are well protected.  On-premise Convene servers were set up for the departments to manage their documents and meetings through their respective web-based portals. The server provides an in-house environment for hosting their sensitive documents and data, which are protected by enterprise-grade security features, including user authentication, access control, audit trail and mobile application security. In addition, all the documents are stored in encrypted format both on the server and mobile devices. These documents can only be decrypted by an individual document key protected by a three-tier key management mechanism. All network communications are also protected by application level encryption.


The departments were originally looking for a solution to save paper and become environmental friendly. Convene has not only helped them do so, but actually achieved more in improving efficiency and flexibility of their meetings.

Benefits gained from adopting Convene:

  • Increased meeting productivity and mobility
  • Reduced meeting management effort and cycle time
  • Secure mobile access to meeting materials anywhere, increasing the flexibility of preparing for meetings, reviewing and following up after meetings
  • More flexibility in meeting venues
  • Avoid costly investment on paper, equipment, and facilities
  • Quick deployment with good user adoption
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Learn how Azeus Convene can give you a great meeting experience. Get a 30-day free trial with no cost or obligation

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