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Board Portal for Nonprofits A New Necessity

Board Portals for Nonprofits: A New Necessity?

by Marje Nepomuceno on and last update on May 21, 2020

There is a common misconception that board portals for nonprofits are unnecessary.

Unlike multinational corporations, whose focus is on revenue generation, nonprofits are dedicated to advocating a social cause. Because of this, many argue that board portals for nonprofits are not something that charities should consider and pursue. They say that it’s an added cost to an already strained budget thus unnecessary for a nonprofit board to function.

It’s important to note that despite the difference in operations, both corporate and nonprofit boards still share many similar responsibilities. Some of these include, but are not limited to: approving budget proposals, overseeing operations, making crucial decisions, and coming up with strategic plans. Nonprofit boards also have the humungous task of raising both awareness and funds for their organisation. On top of this, they must ensure that they work within their budget and that all actions they do are aligned with their cause.

Because of the unique position that these kinds of boards find themselves in, board portals for nonprofits are becoming more popular, and even necessary, in the boardroom. Here are other reasons why board portals for nonprofits are becoming a staple for nonprofit operations:

1. Nonprofit boards have unique responsibilities

Nonprofit boards have additional unique responsibilities separate from what traditional boards have. Aside from reviewing documents, approving budgets and making strategic decisions, nonprofit boards must pursue their advocacy in the most cost- and resource-efficient way possible as well.

With the use of board portals for nonprofits, organisations can focus their time and attention towards more urgent operations other than preparing and organising their meetings. They are able to collaborate seamlessly on one digital platform with the use of powerful meeting tools. Board portals for nonprofits such as Convene streamline the meeting process from start to finish, letting administrators and executives balance their responsibilities better; pushing their advocacy even further with a purpose-driven product.

Board portals for nonprofits also cut down on meeting expenses, whether it is money spent on paper or on printing. As a paperless initiative, board portals for nonprofits reduce the need for printing board packs, as well as the need to reprint and redistribute them should there be any updates. Revisions can automatically be updated on the board portal and notifications regarding changes are sent in real-time. With the help of board portals, nonprofits can allot their meeting budget to fundraising and other advocacy-centric initiatives.

2. Nonprofit board members often sit on various boards

Given the voluntary nature of nonprofit boards, several board members often oversee multiple committees and organisations. Because of this, they would have to attend to various matters, in turn dividing their time, effort, and attention. With the help of board portals for nonprofits, board members can make annotations, notes and comments prior to their meetings, which allow them to focus on specific tasks or documents in a smarter and more effective manner. Executives are also able to bring their files – be it agendas, minutes, reports – anywhere they go, accessing them on their own devices.

As for board members that are not all based in the same location, board portals for nonprofits make collaboration possible. Convene specifically has Live Meetings, a Page Synchronisation feature, and other powerful meeting tools, such as a laser pointer, that allow for simple and efficient remote meetings.

3. Nonprofits face more public scrutiny

Nonprofits face tremendous amounts of pressure from the public. Like any other committee, nonprofit boards are expected to carry out decisions and lead their organisations. They are tasked to push forward their advocacies while keeping the best interest of their organisation and its charitable purpose in mind along with budget the money that was entrusted to them by stakeholders.

Board portals for nonprofits allow charities to practice transparency and accountability. With monitoring and tracking features, nonprofits can hold their officers accountable for any actions they may or may not do. Board portals also generate reports quicker should stakeholders ask for them.

Nonprofit organisations deal with sensitive information, such as financial data and personal details about donors & recipients. Given that, it’s important that nonprofits are wary of data breaches; as not only will their files be compromised but their reputation as well. Board portals reduce the risk of data breaches by storing confidential files on a secure and protected platform. Board portals for nonprofits like Convene even grant different access and permission levels to various organisation members. For nonprofits, it’s vital that their board portal of choice adheres to the highest security standards without breaking the bank.

With everything that nonprofit boards have on their plate, it’s essential that they have a tool that helps them operate more efficiently and effectively, without compromising security and their finances. By streamlining the meeting process and promoting easier collaboration, board portals for nonprofits help these organisations stay focused and promote their advocacies.

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Learn how Azeus Convene can give you a great meeting experience. Get a 30-day free trial with no cost or obligation

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