IT Personnel

IT personnel are tasked with monitoring, managing, and maintaining organization systems and networks. Aside from handling various IT projects, IT personnel are also on the lookout for the latest technology that could better their company’s internal operations. With all the technicalities that come with the job, digitizing meeting processes should bring about solutions and not more problems.

Pain Points

  • Not adept with technology

    Some senior directors and executives are not adept with technology

  • System failures

    System fails right before a crucial meeting

  • Technology fit

    Technology must fit seamlessly with current systems in place

  • Secure platform

    Data must be hosted on a secure platform that cannot be breached


  • Easy to learn

    Technology must be easy to learn by both IT personnel and by directors and executives

  • 24/7 Support

    24/7 Support

  • Heightened security features

    Heightened security features

  • Easy to troubleshoot

    Tool must be easy to troubleshoot

  • Solid track record

    Credible supplier/company with a solid track record

  • Compliant to security standard

    Compliant to security standard of company

Azeus Convene as a Solution

Multi-platform access

Comprehensive platform for all meeting requirements

Award-winning board portal solution

Intuitive user interface


24/7 support and training all throughout subscription

Full support for a seamless integration and transition

More than 25 years of experience in the field of IT

Clear offline data

On cloud or on premise

ISO 27001 Certified data center

Control access to information, protect documents with encryption

Secure mobile data with remote wipe

Two-factor Authentication

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