Corporate Secretary / General Counsel

Tasked with triple threat responsibilities – regulatory, fiduciary, and compliance – the Corporate Secretary is crucial in any organization. He or she plays a leading role in a company’s corporate governance and therefore must have a holistic and in-depth understanding of the organization and the environment that it is in. With the pressure to constantly stay on top of everything, finding a “secretary for the corporate secretary” is a must to remain efficient and effective.

Pain Points

  • Time-consuming preparation

    Tedious and time-consuming preparation for meetings

  • Sensitive information

    Dealing with sensitive information and confidential data

  • Compliance to regulatory boards

    Need for compliance to regulatory boards within their organization’s area


  • User-friendly features

    User-friendly meeting administration features that can simplify meeting files preparation

  • Heightened security features

    Heightened security features

  • Compliance to regulatory boards

    Compliance to regulatory boards

  • Save time and effort

    A tool can save time and effort, and make processes more efficient

  • Compliant to security standards

    Compliant to security standards of company

  • Uphold good governance standards

    Can uphold good governance standards

Azeus Convene as a Solution

Free-hand tool

Comprehensive platform for all meeting requirements

Save up to 90,000 sheets of paper*

Cut down meeting organization and preparation time by 90%*

Award-winning board portal solution

Intuitive user interface


On cloud or on premise hosting options

ISO 27001 certified data center

Control access to information, protect documents with encryption

Secure mobile data with remote wipe

Two-factor Authentication

Schedule meeting

Promotes good governance

Paperless, digital initiative

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