C-Suite Executive

C-Suite Executives are tasked with the overall direction, strategy, and success of the organization. They have a holistic view and understanding of the firm and are able to guide their board in making decisions. As decisions get more crucial and time-bound, it is important that these executives are equipped with the proper meeting tools that allow them to do what they need to do – lead.

Pain Points

  • Good governance

    Must promote good governance throughout the entire organization

  • Company’s performance

    Needs to ensure that the company is performing well and is reaching its targets

  • Updated resources

    Must provide updated resources and information to the board for them to make decisions


  • Promote transparency

    Features promote transparency and accountability

  • Review reports on mobile

    Review various reports even when on-the-go

  • Present company information

    Easily present company information and standing to the board

  • Last-minute changes

    Accommodate last-minute changes and updates and send these in real time

  • Compliant to security standards

    Compliant to security standards of company

  • Uphold good governance standards

    Can uphold good governance standards

Azeus Convene as a Solution



Voting, Audit Trail, Actions and, Minutes Tracking and Summary



Shared & Private Annotations

Allows offline access of documents

Multi-platform access


Live Presentation Tools,


Multi-platform access: Desktop, tablet, mobile

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