Board Director

The Board Director is an external party that looks out for the financial wellbeing of the company and makes decisions on the shareholders’ behalf. Aside from, the board director is tasked in establishing the company’s vision and mission, and ensures that efforts are aligned to these. Getting everyone on the same page is no easy feat, and so Board Directors need a tool that doesn’t just let people meet, but convene.

Pain Points

  • Company’s performance

    Evaluates effects of proposed actions based on the company’s performance

  • Not much time

    Not much time for meetings, nor time to learn new software

  • Always on-the-go

    Deals with several organisations and is always on-the-go


  • Up-to-date information

    Provide with up-to-date information despite last minute changes and revisions

  • User-friendly features

    User-friendly features make meeting processes more efficient

  • Easy to learn

    Easy to learn even by those who are technologically challenged

  • Review reports on mobile

    Review various reports even when mobile

Azeus Convene as a Solution



Voting, Audit Trail, Actions & Minutes Tracking and Summary



Comprehensive platform for all meeting requirements

Award-winning board portal solution

Intuitive user interface

Multi-platform access


Shared & Private Annotations

Allows offline access of documents

Multi-platform access: Desktop, tablet, mobile

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