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Electronic Board Books

Use an intuitive and collaborative electronic board book for your meetings

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Developments in technology have led board members and corporate secretaries to look into solutions that compensate for their tedious work schedules. Amidst initial apprehensions, leaders are now starting to warm themselves to the idea that digitizing board books present significant benefits to their respective companies. It has become the norm for businesses – ranging from nonprofits to corporations – to adopt electronic board books for their meetings. The use of technology to digitize and automate creation, distribution, and management of board books have helped improve efficiency and productivity in the work place.

Who uses Electronic Board Books?

Electronic Board Books are used by several kinds of organizations, ranging from:

  • Large-to-Medium Scale Firms
    Large-to-Medium Scale Firms
  • Schools and Universities
    Schools and Universities
  • Non-profit Organizations
    Non-profit Organizations
  • Professional Associations
    Professional Associations
  • Federal and state governments
    Federal and state governments
  • Government-owned and controlled corporations
    Government-owned and controlled corporations
  • Financial institutions
    Financial institutions
  • Intergovernmental Organizations
    Intergovernmental Organizations

What are the benefits of an Electronic Board Book?

Having an electronic board book gives numerous advantages to your respective organizations. Here are some examples of how your board can benefit from your electronic board book:

Streamlined Process

Streamlined Process

Corporate secretaries and administrators face the burden of having to manually collect, print, and distribute meeting materials to members of the board who work from different locations around the world. It takes a lot of effort just to gather and prepare everything you need for a meeting. With the development of an electronic board book, preparation and management of meetings are made easier. Secretaries and administrators are now able to compile and disseminate documents quicker, which allows them to pour time and effort over more important company matters.

Economical and Cost-Efficient Meetings

Economical and Cost-Efficient Meetings

Switching from traditional paper-based meetings to electronic board books has enabled many organizations to save significant amounts of money when conducting meetings. Since electronic board books eliminate the need for printing, companies are able to cut down on miscellaneous costs such as transportation, courier, accommodations, and many more. One of our clients was able to cut-down their meeting preparation and costs by as much as $10,000 which they then allocated to other important matters in the company. Apart from this, they were able to save almost 90,000 sheets of paper which resulted to quicker and more efficient management of meetings.

Immediate Access to Meeting Files and Documents

Immediate Access to Meeting Files and Documents

Meeting files have become more accessible because of electronic board books. With the use of laptops, tablets, and mobile devices, board directors are able to review important documents and jot down notes online or offline anytime and anywhere.

Environmental Responsibility

Environmental Responsibility

Electronic Board Books enable organizations to become more environmentally-responsible. Because it eliminates the need for printing paper, it is able to reduce carbon footprint which is harmful to the environment. By lessening paper consumption in the board room, companies are able to achieve sustainability targets.

Taking Electronic Board Books to Greater Heights

Azeus Convene is an electronic board book that is used by board directors and administrators. Equipped with a comprehensive set of tools and features, it is able to simplify the meeting process and enhance the boardroom experience.

For Directors and Executives

  • All-inclusive Electronic Board Book Tools
    All-inclusive Electronic Board Book Tools

    Directors and executives are able to create annotations on documents, assign and track action items, and participate in making decisions on resolutions.

  • Collaborate with Participants in Real-Time
    Collaborate with Participants in Real-Time

    Board directors are able to share annotations and give updates instantly with other meeting participants with the electronic board book.

  • Live Meeting Capabilities
    Live Meeting Capabilities

    Executives can engage more with participants with Azeus Convene’s live-presentation tools such as the laser pointer and page synchronization. They also have the ability to control the meeting with permission-based settings.

  • Remote Access of Confidential Files
    Remote Access of Confidential Files

    Board members have the ability to review and annotate documents remotely anytime – with or without internet access.

  • Enterprise-Grade Security
    Enterprise-Grade Security

    Azeus Convene gives the highest security standards with SSAE16 and ISO 27001 certifications. With other features such as multi-factor authentication and remote wipe, confidential information is strongly protected.

For Administrators and Secretaries

  • Simple and Efficient Meeting Preparation
    Simple and Efficient Meeting Preparation

    Schedule meetings, create an agenda, and generate notify participants with Azeus Convene’s Web Portal.

  • Faster Distribution of Documents
    Faster Distribution of Documents

    Important documents and resolutions are disseminated more quickly to meeting participants when uploaded in the electronic board book.

  • Manage Meeting Minutes Quickly
    Manage Meeting Minutes Quickly

    Meeting minutes are automatically generated for easy review. No need to gather and summarize notes, action items, and decision points.

  • Authorize Access to Confidential Files
    Authorize Access to Confidential Files

    Directors are able to control and manage permissions on who can view, download, and edit confidential files stored in Azeus Convene.

  • Monitor User Activity
    Monitor User Activity

    Track each user’s behavior such as log-in attempts, accessed documents, and attended meetings with Azeus Convene’s audit trail.

Transforming Board Meetings Across the Globe

Our electronic board book has enhanced the overall meeting experience of several of our clients across the United States and in over 100 countries worldwide. Learn more about how Convene has positively impacted them by reading our case studies.

  • America First Credit Union

    “Convene helped to streamline our board meeting processes to save time and money”

    - Thayne Shaffer, Senior Vice President and Controller
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  • NHS sheffield logo

    “The main driver for switching to Convene was the amount of time and money we were spending in printing. The average board pack was 104 pages, with 14 participants and 11 meetings a year. That’s 16,000 pages.”

    - Anne Greaves, Digital Communications Officer
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  • Grand Bahama Port Authority Logo

    “When compared to the other board portals, Convene was the best one; it had the best features. It gave me exactly what I wanted, and gave all the features that required to satisfy our board’s needs.”

    - Ian Roelle, President of the Grand Bahama Port Authority
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  • Buckinghamshire County Council logo

    “Over the last seven years, the council as a whole has been moving towards cloud storage and cloud-based technology. We started moving documents to the cloud at the appropriate time and with the appropriate cost. Convene, being a complete cloud solution, ticked that box in a big way.”

    - Nadia Kühn of the Technology Strategist
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