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Azeus Convene is Now a Government-Accredited Supplier

by Marje Nepomuceno on and last update on December 06, 2019

For the past several years, Azeus Convene has been working tirelessly with Australian Government institutions in making their meetings more resource-efficient and productive. Recently, the award-winning solution was recognised and approved not just by one, but three government accreditation panels as an authorised supplier for Information and Communication Technology (ICT) procurement.

Digital Transformation Agency

The Digital Transformation Agency leads technological acquisitions and transition of government departments and agencies in Australia. Partnering with federal and local institutions to improve how they buy and deliver digital services, it helps the Australian Government build digital skills capability across different services. It also provides greater transparency to government units on ICT projects, costs, risks, and opportunities.

Accreditation by the department entails passing a rigorous application process. In February 2017, Azeus Convene successfully met all requirements and set standards with its SSAE16- and ISO 27001-compliant security, along with its comprehensive features and functions. You may refer to our Digital Transformation Agency listing here.

Queensland Information Technology Contracting (QITC)

The Queensland Information Technology Contracting (QITC) framework – formerly known as the Government Information Technology Contracting (GITC) framework – sets the standard for all ICT procurement for the Queensland Government. With its aim to increase efficiency and convenience when it comes to collaborating and working with government departments through standardised contracts, the framework constantly exercises due diligence in regulating all its suppliers. Accreditation is not given without considerable checks and balances, thus reassuring vendors that its suppliers are credible and fit for the purpose they are certified for.

With QITC’s stamp of approval, Azeus Convene has been working with numerous Queensland Government Departments – such as the Department of Premier and Cabinet, and Department of Science (Information Technology & Innovation) – since 2016 in making their meeting processes more practical, streamlined, and secure. Our QITC listing can be found in this link.

NSW ICT Services Scheme

The Department of Finance, Services and Innovation (DFSI), alongside industry and NSW Government agencies, developed the NSW Government ICT Services Scheme to ensure that Australian organisations can harness new, innovative, and effective technology. By transforming government service provision and ICT industry engagement, the services scheme aims to ultimately boost the efficiency, productivity, and effectiveness of NSW in order to provide quality services on time and meet the community’s high expectations. You may search for us on the supplier portal here.

Aside from being a registered ICT Supplier, Azeus Convene is also DFSI’s board portal of choice.  Having used Azeus Convene since 2016, DFSI finds the straightforward solution to be a perfect fit for their needs.

To qualify for the aforementioned accreditations, Azeus Convene ensures that all aspects of its software are intuitive and current by conducting regular usability assessments and quality checks. Through continuous research and development, Azeus Convene has expanded its reach to more than 90 countries today.  This is in line with Azeus Convene’s mission: Help different organisations across various industries with transitioning to paperless initiatives, reaching their long-term goals, and achieving sustainability – all through efficient meeting management.

Experience this government-accredited solution firsthand by scheduling a demo or booking your free 30-day trial today.

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