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Convene Featured in The Edge Singapore

by Alexandrea Roman on and last update on June 14, 2019

Our very own Managing Director Lee Wan Lik, who was interviewed for the piece, shared that Convene is in its pilot phase for the UK’s supermarket giant Tesco, where there will be more than 20 users logging on to the software.

But that’s just the beginning. Lee also shared that Convene, now on its third generation, will also be made available in Spanish and French to accommodate users from all over the world. Other languages will follow soon after the Spanish and French release.

The universal appeal of Convene lies in its easy usability and stringent security. According to Lee, “You don’t have to think about how to use it. If you do, you have failed in design.”

The future looks bright for Convene, as supported by another excerpt: Convene forms just a small part of revenues, but its easily scalable model puts Azeus on the global stage.

Combine this with aggressive marketing, and it won’t be long before Convene becomes a well-known name among the many board and professional meeting solutions in the market today.

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