What is the Convene Portal and its relationship with the Convene app?

The Convene app is tightly integrated with its web portal. The web portal is used to securely and centrally store and manage meeting documents, files and other assets. By deploying the web portal on your server, you can easily control and ensure data security within your organization. Using the app with the web portal, you can electronically distribute the documents of a meeting.


What is local WiFi meeting and what is Anywhere Meeting?

The Local WiFi Meeting is held when all participants are within the same WiFi coverage or same internal network not connected to the internet. A Local WiFi meeting is available or can be chosen if the user starts a meeting through Meeting Schedule or Files & Photos. An Anywhere Meeting is held when participants are NOT within the same WiFi coverage or internal network.

A user can create or host an Anywhere Meeting through any of the ways for starting a meeting (through email, the Convene portal, New Meeting, etc). All participants should have internet connection to host or join an Anywhere Meeting.


What network settings are required for Anywhere Meeting?

If you have direct internet access there’s no need for any setting. If you have a firewall or proxy server, you have to open the required ports directly in the firewall or using a proxy server that has support for HTTP and SOCKS version 5, this will allow the Convene app to connect to the web portal.

The following ports are required to connect to the portal: 80, 443 and 8443. Download the Convene Firewall Proxy Configuration Guide (PDF). Configure a proxy server with HTTP support, do the following:

  • Go to iOS Settings > Wi-Fi
  • Configure the current network (with a check) by tapping the chevron arrow icon
  • Either set the HTTP Proxy value to Manual or Auto, according to the HTTP proxy server setup

The Convene app can connect to the Portal using a proxy server that has support for SOCKS version 5. The proxy server must also allow access to the list of ports needed for the app to connect with the Portal. After setting up a proxy server, configure the SOCKS connection settings.

  • Go to iOS Settings > Apps > Convene 2
  • In “SOCKS Proxy Setting”, specify the following values to their corresponding parameters:

What network settings are required for local WiFi meeting?

All users must be connected to the same local WiFi network.


What is the difference between shared annotations and private annotations?

Annotations and Notes can be shared or private. Shared annotations and notes can be viewed by all participants of the meeting, but can only be changed by the current presenter. Private annotations and notes can only be viewed and changed by the participant who added them.


How to save the annotations for later review? Can I export the annotated documents?

All annotations are automatically saved when the user leaves the meeting. Yes, you can export the annotated documents in the Portal. In the Documents screen:

  • Look for the file you want to export the annotations
  • Right-click the file then select Export Annotations as PDF. Or, select files then click the Export icon in the toolbar

In Meeting Schedule screen:

  • Click the meeting where the file was used
  • Right-click the file then select Export Annotations as PDF

What do I do if I forget my password?

  • Go to Portal website
  • Click the “Forgot Password?” link
  • Specify your Login ID

An email message will be sent to your email address that specified in your account. The email message will contain a link to reset your password. NOTE: Even if the link is accessed, password will not reset until the user specifies a new password.

  • Click the link to open Choose Your New Password screen in the Web Portal
  • Specify the new password

Can I access documents or meetings offline?

In the Convene app, you can login offline. All previously downloaded documents and meeting files can be accessed.


When we drag and drop our files, and want to rearrange them in the Agenda, they are automatically deleted. Why is that so?

You may have been clicking the Delete button, “x”, that’s why the files are getting deleted. But just to be sure, you have to click Save first, before rearranging the files in Agenda. When the cursor turns into a cross hair when you mouse over a row of a file, this means you can drag a file to a new position in the list. If saving the files before rearranging them does not work, let me know, and I will call you.


Is there a chance I can test this board meeting software?

Yes, we provide a 30-day free trial which allows you to use Azeus Convene for your own meetings.


How are you different from other board portal vendors?

Azeus Convene offers features and functionalities which are not available on any other meeting solutions. With Azeus Convene, you get a comprehensive platform that meets all your meeting needs for less the price.


Can I access the application without Internet connection?

Yes, you can access the Convene app even when offline. Once you have downloaded the meeting pack, you can make annotations without Internet connection. Changes will be synchronized back to the server once you go online again.


What are the meeting roles for?

Meeting roles are necessary for controlling the access and function rights of participants within a meeting. This ensures that only authorized users can access files and perform actions in the meeting.

Azeus Convene has a number of built-in roles and permissions; but these roles can be customised by the system administrator for your organization’s needs.


Do you provide phone and email support? What are your hours?

Yes, we provide 24/7 phone, live chat and email support. You can send email to our support team at support@azeusconvene.com.

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