Just put the information needed, and you’ll immediately be able to compute how much you could potentially save on board meetings. As a completely paperless meeting management solution, Convene eliminates the need for paper and reduces preparation time to mere moments. Want to know hard savings? Request a quote today!

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Meetings per year (A)
Number of Attendees (B)
Average number of extra copies printed per meeting (C)
Total meeting packs per year (D)*
Paper and Print cost per meeting pack (E)
Binding cost per meeting pack (F)
Courier cost per meeting pack (G)
Number of people involved in assembling meeting packs (H)
Hours to prepare each meeting pack
Involved person’s hourly rate

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Cost of Convene per license (K)
Number of licenses (L)
Total Convene Annual Cost (M)

* Meeting packs per year

(Meeting packs per person per year) + (Extra Meeting Packs per year)
(A x B) + (A x C)

** Potential Annual Meeting Cost Savings

(Document Costs) + (Salary and time costs)
((Meeting packs per year) x (Printing cost + Binding cost + Courier Cost)) +
(Meeting packs per year x Number of people involved in assembling meeting packs x hour x rate)
(D) x (E + F + G) + (D x H x I1 x I2)

*** Convene Cost Savings

(Total Annual Meeting Cost) – (Total Convene Annual Cost)
(J) – (M)

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