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Advance the Meeting Process

Improve collaboration in your workplace with our board meeting application

Convene as a Board Meeting App - Smart Governance Processes

Smart Governance Processes

Enhance engagement and productivity in your boardroom.

  • Direct participants’ attention with our laser pointer feature
  • Keep everyone on the same page through page synchronisation
  • Make annotations directly on a page
  • Stay informed through real-time updates
Convene as a Board Meeting App - Simple Meeting System

Simple Meeting System

Use an easy and intuitive interface with interactive tools.

  • Review meeting documents on your preferred device
  • Swipe and view thumbnails to navigate through pages
  • Assign action items with a single tap
  • Vote on resolutions outside the meeting
Convene as a Board Meeting App - Secure Document Management

Secure Document Management

Securely access files whenever and wherever you want.

  • Protect data with multi-factor authentication
  • Set permission levels for each user
  • Remotely wipe off data from a lost or stolen device
  • Access the application only on registered devices

Elevating the Standards of Meetings across the Globe

As a premier board meeting application, Convene is designed to empower mobile directors worldwide.

  • Enhance Productivity
    Enhance Productivity

    Executives on-the-go no longer have to worry about backlogs and delays and can work anytime and anywhere with Convene.

  • Improve Collaboration
    Improve Collaboration

    With Convene’s comprehensive and interactive tools, directors can securely send confidential information to other members and get notifications instantly.

  • Streamline Communications
    Streamline Communications

    Secretaries can distribute board materials through the Convene portal while directors can view previously made annotations directly on these documents on their Apple, Android, or Windows devices.

  • Create Annotations
    Create Annotations

    Directors can edit board materials, share notes, and assign and track action items, in a secure and unified platform.

  • Maximise Security and Control
    Maximise Security and Control

    Data is kept safe with Convene’s 256-bit AES encryption, access rights, and remote wipe for lost devices among others.

  • Navigate Documents with a Single Tap
    Navigate Documents with a Single Tap

    Board members no longer have to shuffle through papers and can quickly go to the right section of a page with a touch of a button.

Reasons to Use a Board Meeting App

While making the switch from paper to tablets is understandably a huge jump for many organisations, having a board meeting application is increasingly becoming more of a necessity and less of an option. Here are the reasons why your organisation needs a board meeting application:

Reasons to Use a Board Meeting App - Reach Directors on Time

Reach Directors on Time

Upon transitioning to the use of a board meeting application, directors can access the app on their mobile devices and use it for the board meeting. Also, administrators can set real-time notifications to be sent to directors as soon as there’s an update or change.

Reasons to Use a Board Meeting App - Save Money in Preparing for Meetings

Cut Down Meeting Preparation Cost

Using a board meeting application totally eliminates expenses incurred from meeting preparation activities such as printing and distribution. Using our Board Meeting ROI calculator, consider the costs associated with paper-based meetings alongside the savings generated from digital meetings.

Reasons to Use a Board Meeting App - Protect Confidential Information

Protect Confidential Information

With enterprise-grade security features, a board meeting application goes a long way in securing and protecting confidential information. Should a gadget be lost or stolen, board meeting applications have an auto-purge feature which allows administrators to remotely wipe data from compromised devices.

Reasons to Use a Board Meeting App - Reduce Logistical Expenses on Meetings

Reduce Logistical Expenses on Meetings

Armed with a board meeting application, directors are able to join meetings remotely and no longer need to travel. Compared to booking flights and hotel rooms, subscribing to a board meeting application is more practical and cost-efficient in the long run.

Reasons to Use a Board Meeting App - Maximise the BYOD Policy

Maximise the BYOD Policy

Given the growing use of smartphones and tablets, it makes sense for organisations to adopt a board meeting application to equip their directors with the best tools to get their work done.

Device Requirements

Read about where and how you can download our board meeting application.

  • Azeus Convene for Android

    Azeus Convene for Android

    Devices: For Android phones and tablets

    OS: Android 7.0 or above

  • Azeus Convene for iOS

    Azeus Convene for iOS

    Devices: For iPads and iPhones

    OS: IOS 11 or above

  • Azeus Convene for Windows

    Azeus Convene for Windows

    Devices: For desktops and Surface Pro

    OS: Windows 7 or above

  • Azeus Convene for Mac

    Azeus Convene for Mac

    Devices: MacBook, MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, Mac Mini, iMac

    OS: X 10.10 or above

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Hear from Our Clients

Read testimonials from our customers on why they chose our board meeting software

  • Seventh Day Adventist Church – South Pacific Division

    “Convene as a whole is very convenient to use. It’s easy to change items, roll over agendas and actions, and even write annotations on documents. […] What’s great about Convene is that it is able to support all of these even offline without compromising confidentiality and security.”

    - Danijela Schubert, Associate Division Secretary, Seventh-day Adventist Church — South Pacific Division
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  • MNHHS Logo

    “We received very good feedback from some other Queensland government departments, notably Department of Premier and Cabinet; Convene was really working well for them. They were using it across multiple departments for government meetings, and they had not experienced any problems.”

    - Jane Albatal, Board Secretary, Metro North Hospital and Health Service
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  • Racing Queensland Logo

    “Convene resulted in a productivity saving of approximately twelve hours per month just for the board secretaries’ time. Moreover, the reduction in stress to the board secretary—while intangible—was significant and possibly the greatest benefit realised in adopting the system.”

    - David Rowan, Chief Information Officer, Racing Queensland
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