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From frequent lengthy meetings to reviewing & approving strategic plans, a Director’s day can be very tedious and hectic. Apart from this, they have various commitments that span across different organizations, thus dividing their effort and attention. Give your Directors the support that they need with simple, yet powerful, board of directors software that allows them to focus better, collaborate seamlessly, and make smarter decisions.

What are the benefits of a Board of Directors Software?

Prepare and Distribute Files Effortlessly

Prepare and Distribute Files Effortlessly

Board of directors software helps meeting administrators collect, organize and distribute documents to all meeting participants in the span of minutes

Make Pre-Meeting Annotations

Make Pre-Meeting Annotations

Meetings become more efficient when board members are able to review and annotate board packs prior to discussions

Access Documents Anywhere

Access Documents Anywhere

Provide access and allow board members to work on meeting material remotely whether online or offline through the board of directors software on their preferred platform

Allow Seamless Real-Time Collaboration

Allow Seamless Real-Time Collaboration

Deliver real-time updates to board packs stored in the board of directors software through powerful syncing features – updating documents as soon as the device is online

Maximize Security and Control

Maximize Security and Control

Ensure a secure environment – including a centralized storage – to collaborate on an organization’s most sensitive information with different access and permission levels

Enhance Corporate Social Responsibility

Enhance Corporate Social Responsibility

Achieve corporate sustainability while reducing your carbon footprint

Convene is a board of directors software that provides all of these benefits and more, giving support for your Directors that goes beyond the boardroom.

Azeus Convene as Board of Directors Software

Convene streamlines and simplifies the meeting process in one comprehensive board of directors software. May it be preparing for the next board meeting or monitoring & tracking tasks, Directors can count on Convene to support them where it matters.

  • Paperless initiative

    Paperless initiative that allows changes to be done in real-time, keeping everyone all on the same page

  • Powerful agenda and presentation tools

    Powerful agenda and presentation tools that allow participants to focus and discuss proactively

  • approve crucial strategic points

    Review, discuss, vote on, and approve crucial strategic points even outside of meetings

  • Access pertinent documents anytime

    Access pertinent documents anytime, anywhere, on your device of choice

Convene is a board of directors software that’s smart, simple, and secure.

Smart Governance Processes

Smart Governance Processes

With the pressure to ensure that the organization is performing well and is reaching its targets, Directors have to ensure a high return of investment not just in terms of money, but time and effort as well. As a comprehensive board of directors software for all meeting requirements, Convene saves time, money, and effort by streamlining the meeting process from start to finish all in one application.

  • Stay informed through real-time updates, action item tracking, and synchronized view
  • Send board packs and access your files anytime, anywhere
  • Access documents anytime and anywhere on your preferred platform – whether it’s iOS, Android, or Windows
  • Maintain an easy-to-use search history of the content and outcome of all meetings in a centralized document repository
Simple Meeting Management

Simple Meeting Management

Directors lead very busy lives and organizations. Because of this, the board of directors software that they use must be intuitive and easy-to-use. Convene’s award-winning user interface and experience, as recognized by IT Europa for two years in a row, can be learned in as fast as 30 minutes. Little to no training is needed, even for senior executives.

  • Prepare documents, take down minutes, and assign action items – all through Azeus Convene
  • Use an easy and intuitive interface that lets its users learn the application in as fast as 30 minutes
  • Vote on resolutions, review documents, sign documents by e-signature, complete surveys, and answer questionnaires
Secure Document Storage

Secure Document Storage

Convene goes beyond the boardroom without compromising security and breaking the bank. Built with 256-Encryption, the board of directors software also has access rights, remote wipe for lost devices, automatic purge, and audit logging features, ensuring that no information is compromised. Hosted by Amazon Web Services in ISO27001 data centers in the US, Canada, and other countries, Convene adheres to the highest standards of security.

  • Host your server either on cloud or within your premises
  • Limit access to data and meeting files by defining access control levels
  • Improve transparency and accountability through audit logs

Beyond the Boardroom

Get to know how our board of directors software can become an enterprise-wide solution

  • Business Sessions

    Business Sessions

    Authorize documents to lessen turnaround delays in the execution of specific decisions

  • Committee Meetings

    Committee Meetings

    Monitor assignments for each committee member to ensure targets are met

  • Lectures and Presentations

    Lectures and Presentations

    Engage with participants with powerful tools and enable real-time interaction

Learn about Use Cases

Changing Board Meetings Across the Globe

Read case studies on how our board of directors software has positively impacted companies from different industries across the US and in over 80 countries worldwide.

  • America First Credit Union

    “Thanks to Convene, everyone is working with the same platform, referring to and using it the same way, and helping each other out.”


    - Thayne Shaffer, Senior Vice President and Controller
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  • Grand Bahama Port Authority Logo

    “When compared to the other board portals, Convene was the best one; it had the best features. It gave me exactly what I wanted, and gave all the features that I required to satisfy our board’s needs.”

    - Ian Rolle, President,
    Read Case Study
  • Tesco Logo

    “We save so much money on printing and paper alone that Convene has almost paid for itself every year, which is quite impressive.”

    - Chris Spanias, Solution Architect
    Read Case Study
  • MNHHS Logo

    “We received very good feedback from some other Queensland government departments, notably Department of Premier and Cabinet; Convene was really working well for them.”

    - Jane Albatal, Board Secretary
    Read Case Study

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