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Don’t just meet — Convene

Empower your board with a smart, simple, and secure board management software trusted by leading organisations across the globe.

Azeus Convene as a Board Management Software - Azeus Convene - Laptop and Phone

The board management software of choice by top companies, government institutions, and nonprofits alike

Azeus Convene is an innovative board management software designed to streamline all meeting processes and enhance the boardroom experience. Equipped with easy-to-use tools and tight security features, Convene helps you run the entire meeting—from organising to conducting, up to tracking of activities, resolutions, approvals and documents. See how Convene transforms meetings with these Quick Start videos:


With Azeus Convene, executives are quickly able to make decisions and work on their chosen platform – anytime and anywhere.


Driven to make work easier for secretaries across the globe, Azeus Convene is equipped with features that will eliminate tedious processes.

Key Features

Enjoy a comprehensive set of tools through the use of our board management software.

  • Key Features - Pre-Meeting Preparation



    Minimise backlogs and inefficiencies in preparing for meetings

    • Drag and drop files
    • Create an agenda
    • Schedule meetings
    • Set access levels
    • Invite Participants
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  • Key Features - During Meeting Presentation

    Meeting Presentation

    Engage directors and ensure efficient decision making in the boardroom

    • Start remote meetings
    • Make annotations
    • Vote on items
    • Enable page sync
    • Direct attention
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  • Key Features - Post Meeting Documentation


    Document Distribution

    Securely distribute confidential information to members of the board

    • Summarise meetings
    • Send minutes
    • Track actions
    • Export items
    • Download meeting pack
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Security at a Glance

As a premier board management software, we implement the highest security standards for your organisation.

  • SSAE16- and ISO 27001-compliant hosting
    SSAE16- and ISO 27001-compliant hosting

    Hosting facilities are certified

  • AES-256 network and document encryption
    AES-256 network and document encryption

    Documents are always encrypted

  • Multiple-factor authentication
    Multiple-factor authentication

    Use only registered devices

  • On-the-fly decryption model
    On-the-fly decryption model

    Security for mobile devices

  • Fine-grained access control
    Fine-grained access control

    Grant access to groups or individuals

  • Automatic purge for lost devices
    Automatic purge for lost devices

    Temporary files are deleted

  • Audit trail
    Audit trail

    Track all activities your environment

  • Password policy
    Password policy

    Password is protected using AES 256-bit

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The Azeus Convene Advantage

As a top-notch product, Azeus Convene takes pride in being the most efficient and economical board management software in the market. Look at how Sheffield NHS Trust UK transformed their meeting processes with Convene:

  • 90,000

    sheets of paper saved per year

  • 90%

    meeting preparation time saved

  • AUD 12,000

    cost savings per annum

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News & Updates

  • Azeus Convene: A Year in Review and the Road Ahead

    Azeus Convene: A Year in Review and the Road Ahead

    In 2017, we achieved recognition from international institutions and expansion to more than 80 countries. Last 2018, we elevated AzeusConvene’s status even further as a premier board portal solution.

  • Azeus Convene is now an Australian Government Accredited Supplier

    Azeus Convene is now an Australian Government Accredited Supplier

    After years of working hand-in-hand with Australian Government departments, our award-winning solution was recognised by not just one, but three government panels as an accredited supplier.

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Measurable Results, Real Experiences

Get to know how Azeus Convene was able to impact different types of organisations from various industries.

  • Boort District Health Logo
    Save valuable resources and improve decision-making just like Boort District Health

    “Convene has saved time, money, improved our decision-making and the way we work. It has increased productivity and consistency of information. We’re really happy with the program. It just makes life so much easier.”

    - Tamara Boyd, Corporate Services Manager
    Read Case Study
  • ChemCert Training Group Logo
    Seamlessly Transition to Paperless Meetings and Enhance your Workflow like ChemCert Training Group

    “Finally I was driving the board papers rather than the board papers driving my time.”

    - Brian Halse, Chief Executive Officer
    Read Case Study
  • Racing Queensland Logo
    See why Convene is the Board Portal of Choice of Racing Queensland

    “Convene resulted in a productivity saving of approximately twelve hours per month just for the board secretaries’ time. Moreover, the reduction in stress to the board secretary—while intangible— was significant and possibly the greatest benefit realised in adopting the system.”

    - David Rowan, Chief Information Officer
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  • MNHHS Logo
    Experience MNHHS’ One-Stop Solution for Meetings, Review and Approval

    “Our Board and Board Chair are not necessarily working on site. That’s why we use Convene as an on-the-go document review and approval tool. If I got particular documents I want my board chair to review and approve for the organisation, I use Convene review room and it just gives him that secure space to review a document and make changes if he needs to.”

    - Jane Albatal, Board Secretary
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Accreditations, Affiliations, and Partners

  • IT Europa
  • Stevie Awards
  • Golden Peacock Award Logo
  • CMMI Level 5
  • ISO 14001
  • ISO 9001
  • ISO 27001
  • Government Procurement Service Logo
  • NSW Logo
  • QAssure Logo
  • ICT Logo
  • Google Store
  • AppStore

Experience Azeus Convene

Learn how Azeus Convene can give you a great meeting experience – no matter where you are or what platform you use. Schedule a free demo, request for a price quotation, or get a 30-day free trial at your convenience with no cost or obligation to purchase for your organisation.

Australia (+61)
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You may also contact Sam McGregor on 0431 395 477 or Tanya Gleeson on 0421 072 206, or email