Key Features

Improve productivity and collaboration in your organisation with Azeus Convene.

Azeus Convene is an award-winning board portal solution used by Fortune 500, FTSE 100, financial institutions, and governments that streamlines the entire meeting process. With Azeus Convene, administrators and directors can securely access documents and collaborate wherever and whenever.

  • Pre-meeting Preparation

    Minimise backlogs and inefficiencies in preparing for meetings.

  • Attach documents

    Attach documents to an agenda

  • Invite participants

    Invite participants on the fly

  • Distribute meetings

    Distribute meetings and documents to participants

  • Send meeting

    Send meeting invitations, reminders, and notifications

  • Schedule meeting

    Schedule a one time or recurring meeting

  • Meeting Presentation

    Engage directors and ensure efficient decision making in the boardroom.

  • Enable interaction

    Enable real-time interaction

  • Start remote meeting

    Start remote meeting

  • Review meetings

    Navigate files via page thumbnails

  • Follow presenter

    Follow presenter’s flow through page synchronisation

  • Direct participants

    Direct participant’s attention through laser pointer tool

  • Post-Meeting Document Distribution

    Securely distribute confidential information to members of the board.

  • Review past meetings

    Review past meetings

  • Download annotations

    Download private and shared annotations on meeting documents

  • Compile meeting pack

    Send meeting summary via email

  • Distribute minutes

    Generate and distribute meeting minutes instantaneously

  • Compile meeting pack

    Compile meeting pack as a PDF

Security at a Glance

As a premier board management software, we implement the highest security standards for your organisation.

  • SSAE16- and ISO 27001-compliant hosting
    SSAE16- and ISO 27001-compliant hosting

    Hosting facilities are certified

  • AES-256 network and document encryption
    AES-256 network and document encryption

    Documents are always encrypted

  • Multiple-factor authentication
    Multiple-factor authentication

    Use only registered devices

  • On-the-fly decryption model
    On-the-fly decryption model

    Security for mobile devices

  • Fine-grained access control
    Fine-grained access control

    Grant access to groups or individuals

  • Automatic purge for lost devices
    Automatic purge for lost devices

    Temporary files are deleted

  • Audit trail
    Audit trail

    Track all activities your environment

  • Password policy
    Password policy

    Password is protected using AES 256-bit

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