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To Host or Not to Host – The Best Hosting Option for Your Business

by Venz Salvador on and last update on December 17, 2020

When Hamlet asked this question, he most certainly wasn’t dwelling on the hosting type for his business. He explored the greater meaning of human existence and the sense of life.


But since corporate data is the very heart of every company — the foundation on which business operations thrive — the importance of hosting type may well be on par with Hamlet’s soliloquy.


What Is the Question? — Hosting Type


There are two types of hosting to consider when setting up a new technology solution such as a board portal.


On-premise and cloud hosting.


Each hosting type has benefits and drawbacks as well as best use cases in specific industries.

On-Premise Hosting


On-premise hosting is when a company or organization stores its data using their own infrastructure. 



  • Highly secured thanks to limited access to external sources
  • Sole control over data



  • High cost of maintenance
  • Need for storage room for the hardware
  • Separate IT staff to maintain the infrastructure

Cloud Hosting


Cloud hosting is when a company or organization hosts its data using an external, third-party provider.



  • No maintenance costs
  • Professional support 



  • Less control
  • Increased risk of data loss


Now let’s pull apart the working of each hosting type to chisel out the best option for companies operating in these industries:

  • BFSI (Banking and Financial Services, Insurance)
  • Government institutions
  • Rapidly-growing companies
  • Industry-specific associations


The Best Hosting Type for Different Industries

BFSI (Banking and Financial Services, Insurance)

In the past, security-oriented companies and institutions (such as governments or BFSI) relied solely on on-premise hosting solutions.


However, with the rapid evolution of this tech and improving security of cloud hosting, governments and BFSI companies began to increasingly rely on cloud providers.


Reputable partners such as AWS Amazon are eagerly used by government agencies and companies operating in the financial services sector.


BFSI companies using cloud hosting from Amazon are DBS Bank, National Australia Bank, and Starling Bank.


Main needs: security, availability

Recommendation: on-premise hosting or reputable cloud hosting service (e.g. AWS Amazon)

Government Institutions

Government organizations need impeccable security and reliable vendors to deliver highly available services to all stakeholders, which include communities and public employees.


With that said, control of data and data security should be top of mind for government institutions and organizations.


In this context, on-premise solutions give government organizations unlimited control over data. In that setup, all data is contained in an internal environment, without the involvement of third-party vendors.


Data control and ownership in cloud-based hosting depends on vendor policies — always analyze them carefully before making a decision. Highly regulated institutions and organizations specifically need to perform an in-depth study of every hosting vendor’s privacy policy.


For instance, AWS Amazon reports that over 6,000 government agencies are using its cloud solution. The U.S. Federal Government and U.S. Department of Defense are just two of the many prominent cabinets that use Amazon.


Main needs: security, availability

Recommendation: on-premise or reputable hosting service, e.g., AWS Amazon

Rapidly-Growing Companies

Rapidly growing companies such as startups need flexibility and quick implementation times for all technologies they use. Reliable cloud hosting solutions can be adjusted to reflect real data usage.


Usage-based data transmission helps control spending — when there’s little traffic, the company pays lower costs.


On top of that, with cloud-hosted solutions the implementation of any new technology is relatively fast and lets its clients’ employees use the technology right after the program is configured.


Software hosted on-premise takes more time to set up because the infrastructure has to be configured inside the company. Moreover, the maintenance cost is always the same, i.e., you need to pay for staff, power, storage, and hardware components, regardless of data use and transmission.


If a company is experiencing rapid growth, the hosting infrastructure purchased now may show inefficiencies in the future, calling for a replacement. With cloud-based hosting, it’s easier to scale and adjust the need to the demand, calculated proportionately to the company’s growth.


Main needs: flexibility

Recommendation: reputable cloud hosting service

Industry-Specific Associations

The hosting type depends on the needs of every industry-specific association, as those needs will vary from association to association.


Overall, industry-specific associations should take into account the usability and affordability ratio into account to decide on the best hosting type for their operations.


With on-premise hosting, the costs include infrastructure, with servers, as well as power, storage, and maintenance costs. You should also consider backup solutions and supplementary software.


When thinking about hosting type, associations should look at the long-term spending plan to look for optimization opportunities within the IT infrastructure. In that case, cloud-based hosting can help associations decrease costs.


Main needs: cost optimization

Recommendation: reputable cloud hosting service

Choose Hosting Solution with the Future in Mind

Across industries, companies and organizations have highly varying needs in terms of hosting. Security, availability, and flexibility of a hosting type all matter in different proportions to every business.


When choosing a hosting solution for your board portal, perform an in-depth analysis of your current and future needs, putting special emphasis on reviewing privacy policies.


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