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Four Improbable Reasons to NOT use a Board Portal

by Josiah Eufemio on and last update on July 09, 2019

At this point, it’s likely you’ve already come across many articles covering all the reasons why your company should get a board portal. If you haven’t yet, you can check one here.

But is there any reason NOT to use board portals? To be honest, it’s quite challenging to look for the answer to that one, but we tried:

1. You’re a brave soul who eats cyber threats for breakfast

Why would you need a board portal to guard your confidential company documents and handle highly secure leadership meetings if in the end, your IT team is ready to combat all cybersecurity-related threats?

Maybe your finance team wouldn’t mind covering all the financial losses that might emerge. Maybe your PR group is well-connected with media networks and prepared to do a quick fix in case brand reputational damages transpire. Maybe you’re secretly Ironman.

This is most likely not the case, but you’re a brave soul nonetheless. So, why bother trusting a board portal designed with enterprise-level security measures if you can handle the threats all by yourself?

2. You’re in the business of making papers

In the improbable case that you manufacture paper, it’s understandable for you to not exactly appreciate paperless initiatives. It’s as unsurprising as Bill Gates never ever using an iPhone.

Organizations rely on board portals to eliminate the costs associated with a paper-based meeting culture. One board portal user we know saved nearly 58,000 sheets of paper by using a board portal – good for them, bad for your business!

3. You dislike your secretary so much you want to give them a hard time

Maybe they’re always late. Or did they call in sick on a day you had to juggle multiple meetings? If you’re looking into doing some passive-aggressive revenge, tell them about all the benefits of board portals, and let them know there’s no way you’re getting one.

Don’t get a board portal if you want to make your secretary perform all the unnecessary hefty paperwork – preparing meeting files, printing and reprinting them after every revision, photocopying leadership documents, and distributing packs across your board.

It’s really hard to believe you dislike your secretary, so maybe this is just your way of thanking them for working hard. This is normally not the way to thank people for dedication, but stranger things have happened.

4. You know of a powerful time spell

Wait, you do? I’d give anything to learn!

You are endowed with this magnificent gift, so forget about board portals. With a time freeze, you don’t mind spending a day trying to wrap up the details of a meeting. You’re cool with reviewing last-minute document updates after the courier delivered your board pack five minutes before the meeting starts. What a lucky son of a gun!

If you don’t really wish to share this sorcery with the rest of humanity, could you work on something to give us busy people even just an extra hour today, please? That would be more than kind.

Listing out these items was a tough task, but we tried. In the end, it’s easier to itemize the many reasons organizations from all over the world trust board portals.

You could either continue looking for silly reasons to not get a board portal, or you could start utilizing it today and experience for yourself what smart companies mean when they say the solution is an essential tool for better meetings management.

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