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Progressive To-Do Lists for the Tech-Savvy

by Jane Encarnado on and last update on July 09, 2019

A productive slump is one of the worst things to deal with in the workforce. With the stack of papers piled up in a corner and the phone calls delayed long enough, procrastination has no room at the office. That’s why it’s important to maintain a level of productivity.

There are several methods that are acclaimed to maximize work output. A routine before starting on the day’s tasks can prepare your mindset for the job at hand. Whereas distractions are definitely the enemy of productivity so removing them is a must. This is easier said than done, but simply addressing minor obstructions such as a messy desk or unorganized files can do wonders for your focus.

A List Maker’s Friend

Of course, a to-do list is a tried and tested technique to help those guilty of slacking. Somehow, laying out what needs to be done gets them done, especially when it’s displayed in such a meticulous manner. The simplicity of a bulleted plan can bring so much structure for someone overwhelmed with projects to finish. It helps prioritize tasks and arrange your thoughts when there’s too much to do in what seems like too little time.

Fortunately, today’s technology has brought about a revamped form of to-do lists. Branded as “task management software,” these multiple apps that are available online can perform the basic functions of a digital to-do list. However, there are ones that go above and beyond the typical list. Some features involve colored labels, subtasks, due dates, notifications, and reminders.

Here are five free task management software solutions recommended to any employee:

  • Todoist


Hailed the best to-do list app of 2017 by The Verge, Todoist lives up to the claim with its classy and easy-to-navigate interface. It’s compatible with several platforms including web browsers, MacOS, Windows, and mobile operating systems; it also syncs across devices. The app is quite straight to the point: There’s an area to input tasks, a feature for color-coding priorities and subtasks. Although the . Working with a team on a project? Collaboration is easily accomplished in Todoist as tasks can be viewed and delegated through the app. Another unique feature is called “Todoist Karma” wherein points are given to the user when they complete a task. Furthermore, a visualization of the user’s progress on their tasks is also generated aside from the usual archive of finished projects.

  • Google Keep

Google Keep

Google has also released their own variant of this software. As it’s available on major platforms, Google Keep is free to use as long as the user already has a Google email. Its UI is similar to that of Gmail and Google Drive. Aside from to-do lists, you can make notes and even add images. A search bar is also provided in order to sift through the notes comfortably. Moreover, if there’s too much clutter on display but deletion isn’t an option, notes can be archived rather than deleted but if they are accidentally removed, a trash tab is present. Collaborators can be added as well. A huge upside to using Google Keep is its integration with other Google programs. For example, Google calendar can list down date reminders while notes can be copied to Google docs.

  • Wunderlist


Another software solution that’s accessible on multiple devices, Wunderlist is a simple to-do list program. Several lists can be made and labelled according to what you choose. Additionally, different folders can be utilized, and a hashtag system is implemented to further classify tasks. This way, the grocery shopping list won’t be confused with your next big project plan. Delegation among other users is another function that Wunderlist offers. A commenting feature is also available among collaborators. Furthermore, files of a certain storage size can be attached to particular tasks, making it easier to share documents or even to simply remember what file needs to be worked on. Alerts are free on Wunderlist; due dates and other reminders will pop up on the user’s screen at their set times.

There are two other versions of Wunderlist, Pro and Business. Both are paid-for apps.

  • Remember the Milk

Remember the Milk

Remember the Milk’s display is simple with its blue and white color scheme. Aside from the usual To-Do list functions, this app offers a smart search function, making it a breeze to navigate through different tasks. Another highlighted feature is Smart Lists which automatically prioritizes tasks based on due dates, consistently reminding users to avoid postponing them. Similar to the other apps mentioned above, Remember the Milk is also compatible with Mac, Windows, Linux, iPhone, iPad, Android phones and tablets. Additionally, it can be integrated with BlackBerry 10 and Fire.

An upgrade for Remember the Milk is available for purchase.

  • Habitica


A gamified to-do list. This is what Habitica is. A completely different take on the traditional task management software, this app has turned to-do lists into a pixelized RPG game. Tasks can be separated into Habits, Dailies, and To-Dos, the last of which can have added subtasks. Each task can have additional notes on them and a level of difficulty can be assigned as well. Doing tasks levels up your character. Additionally, drops and gold are given to your avatar, allowing the user to purchase rewards. Collaboration is also a feature as parties can be formed to complete missions, and guilds are also there for added tasks and rewards. However, Habitica is limited to web browsers and mobiles with Android and IOS.

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Checking off Tasks

It’s important to remember, to-do lists are designed to aid users to work on their tasks. Like our board management software Convene, they’re merely tools that can serve as reminders or guidelines on what a person has to achieve within a time frame. Simply relying on different management software solutions without exerting effort will not help anyone anywhere.

Make a list and be mindful of what needs to be done but put effort into carrying out those tasks as well. These tools are here for your disposal so performing duties would be easier.  Don’t be intimidated by the seemingly unending checklist ahead; instead, think about the satisfaction that comes after ticking an item off.

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