Your Personal Paperless Project

Your Personal Paperless Project

by Alexandrea Roman on and last update on July 09, 2019

Going paperless is a pet project for many organizations, but it’s also task worth undertaking for individuals. After all, the quote “Be the change you want to be” by Mahatma Gandhi is a strong statement that applies not only to self-growth, but also to social change. If you can make a difference with your actions, why not do so?

You can start with small steps that count in the long run. Here are some simple changes you can do at your home, at the office, or on the go:

Ditch the paper cup

Many coffee shops encourage buyers to use their own ceramic mugs or plastic tumblers when buying beverages. In fact, some of them offer incentives such as small discounts (like what Starbucks does). It may not sound much if you consider the amount per transaction, but if you enjoy your daily dose of caffeine, you can get significant savings in a year. So you aren’t just protecting the environment — you’re also protecting your budget. It’s a win-win situation.

Bag it when you shop

When shopping for groceries, bring your own reusable green bag (also known as eco bag) so that you won’t have to use paper bags. Not only are these wasteful, but they’re also hard to carry — imagine having to lug around two or three paper bags on your arms from the store to your car. But since most green bags come with handles, you can sling them over your shoulder on either side and walk comfortably. It’s convenience and sustainability in one solution, so what’s not to love?

Use a mobile boarding pass

Many airlines already accept boarding passes saved in mobile devices. That’s one less sheet to worry about when you’re traveling, and even more so if you have multiple flights for a single trip. So skip the printing copies and collect all your boarding passes through emails or text messages. You can also opt to view them on a browser and save them from there. To help you organize your boarding passes in your device, download a travel app that will collect them in one place. You’ll never have to worry about misplacing a boarding pass ever again.

Print on either side of a sheet of paper

Unless you’re printing official/formal documents that you need to send out, then you can make do with both sides of a sheet of paper when printing. You can bind the sheets after and get a nice book format for easy reading. But of course, don’t print at all unless it’s completely necessary. And if you do print, print out only the pages needed and nothing more.

Ask for virtual pay stubs

A great way to keep track of the salary you receive every pay period is to have an organized and accessible record. It’s rather challenging to achieve this with paper pay stubs, but quite easy to accomplish with soft copies. Thus, ask your HR department if you can forgo the paper version and opt for an email instead. You can download them to your tablet or phone so that you can pull them up whenever you want and wherever you are. If you need hard copies for any reason (like when you’re applying for a loan), you can still print out what’s needed.

Hold paperless meetings

The number of smartphone users worldwide will increase over the years, peaking at 2.66 billion people in 2019 according to a projection made by Statista. But you don’t have to look that far — smartphone users worldwide this year already went over the 2.083 billion mark. Because more and more people are adopting mobile devices, it’s best to incorporate tablet and smartphone usage in the workplace, even if it’s just for paperless meetings at first. Going completely paperless as an organization takes a lot of work with a go-signal needed from the management, but you can already initiate the transition by encouraging your team to ditch the paper when you hold meetings. For your next meeting, try an enterprise and board portal solution like Convene. It works on mobile devices regardless of platform, but still delivers a paper-like user experience.

What other paperless tips do you have? Share them with us in the comments!

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