ROI Calculator Released

Paperless Board Meeting ROI Calculator Released

by Reenan Hornilla on and last update on July 01, 2019

Justify your transition to a paperless board meeting in one go.

We have just launched a Paperless Board Meeting ROI Calculator, an easy to use tool for computing the savings that your organization can gain if your meetings are entirely mobile and digital.

The Paperless Board Meeting Savings Calculator covers all the cost of all logistics allocated to conducting board meetings – from the costs of sending invitations, composing and circulating meeting agenda and materials, to presenting e-documents in the actual meeting, and finally, in archiving meeting minutes and files.

We developed this program to reveal to the public that the savings they can obtain by transitioning to paperless meetings is significant, and should not be taken for granted. So if you visit the Convene website, you are given the idea (of paperless meetings), the justification (using the calculator), and the product (Convene), in one go, says Jerry Chua, Marketing Director of Convene.

Enterprises and organizations can visit the Convene website, open the Paperless Board Meeting Savings Calculator, and input information about their current paper-based meetings, such as the number of meetings per level, the cost of printing a Board Book or Pack, staff effort (in hours) in preparing for or organizing meetings, etc. The program then computes the total savings (in USD$) that your organization will gain from switching to paperless meetings through Convene.

Starting using the Paperless Board Meeting ROI Calculator

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