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by Alexandrea Roman on and last update on December 06, 2019

When you’re a busy director sitting on several boards (and not to mention running your own company on the side), mobile tools are your best buddies. As long as human cloning for increased productivity isn’t considered ethical and legal, you can’t be at two or more places at once. You need your tablet or smartphone to keep you connected, especially now when a third of meetings have a remote attendee. Mobile tools bring you all together, even if only virtually.

But if you’re still not sold on mobile tools, here are reasons that can change your mind.

Easier Collaboration

Mobile tools make collaboration much easier than ever. You conveniently share documents with fellow directors without having to physically transfer files from a laptop to a USB stick to another laptop. Now, you can send files straight to another mobile device, or upload them to cloud storage. Also, you can comment on each other’s works through annotations.

Work Anywhere

Mobile tools can be integrated into one system. For example, you can connect a content management system with a board portal solution so that you can pull up any archived file as reference for an upcoming board meeting. Wherever you are — whether you’re on a plane on the way to a Caribbean holiday or at home in your king-sized bed — you have all the information you need to work remotely.

Increased Flexibility

Mobile tools let you enjoy true flexibility. You’re not weighed down by briefcases of printed files, boxes of equipment, or units of heavy hard drives, which are all inconvenient and outdated. Now, the only thing you need is a mobile device such as a tablet or smartphone and a reliable Internet connection, and you can go virtually anywhere at any time you want. If you lost your gadget, don’t worry! The auto-purge feature deletes confidential data from a lost device. As for your files, you can always access them on the cloud.

Connecting People

Mobile tools connect people. Even when all members of the board are located all over the world, you can still easily attend a board meeting with them using a board portal solution. You’ll have the means to reach out to any director even if physical distance keeps you from meeting face to face.

Improved Business Continuity

Mobile tools help you design an effective business continuity plan (BCP). Disasters can happen when you least expect them, so from a business POV, you must always be prepared. When your enterprise data is backed up on the cloud, you can mobilize your team and run a company wherever you may be, giving you more time to focus on what’s urgent at the moment: saving people, not equipment.

We live in a mobile world. It’s time to appreciate what that really means this year. Switch to mobile tools now and see the difference in your productivity and efficiency!

Convene is a mobile tool for remote, paperless board meetings on iPads and Android devices. As a next-generation board portal, it has a strong focus on collaboration, mobility, and accessibility without sacrificing security. To know more about Convene, ask for a demo or a quote or learn more about its features.

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