Business Fear Change

Does Your Business Fear Change?

by Alexandrea Roman on and last update on July 09, 2019

Your business operations frustrate you. The lack of cohesion between your internal teams leaves you pulling your hair out. You see your competitors enjoying the advantages of using the best products and technologies available.

In most cases, you know what the solutions are and what is needed to implement them. Yet, you carry on day-to-day and the frustrations, hair pulling, and longing gazes at your competitors continue.

Does your business fear change? You might outwardly be pumped up by the idea of adopting all your exciting new ideas, but sub-consciously are you worried about what might happen when you try to implement these?

Why Are You Afraid?

The biggest obstacle to change is the fear of the unknown. The potential ramifications of change being unsuccessful and proving damaging to your business will often make sticking with the status quo seem attractive.

Sadly, this amounts to little more than a burying of your head in the sand. As a business leader you ought to be pursuing new opportunities and making the case for change. If your research shows that change isn’t right for your business at this time, that’s fine. At least you’ve taken the time to consider it, evaluate it, and have made a rational, sensible decision based on the evidence available.

Change is Inevitable; Do What You Can to Control It

We all know not to sweat over things we can’t control. We probably can’t control that if we want our business not just to survive but to thrive, we’re going to have to embrace change, and probably on a regular basis as we evolve internally and as our competitors, our industry, and our wider world evolves independent of ourselves.

What we can control is how we change, how we embrace change, and the processes we put in place internally to ensure that team members work with us to implement change, and how the change helps our business get better in the long run.

Do your research, consult the latest case studies, and whether it’s a new accounting system, board management software, a total IT overhaul, or tweaks to business operations, take the fear of change out of your business forever.

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