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Say Goodbye to the Bulky Board Pack

Convene for the Mobile Boardroom: Say Goodbye to the Bulky Board Pack

by Alexandrea Roman on and last update on March 18, 2020

Is it time to re-evaluate your boardroom practices? With tablets and smartphones getting more powerful with each release, complemented by wave after wave of apps for every business purpose, corporate enterprises are the first to equip their top brass with the latest in mobile technologies.

True mobile technologies take out the limiting factor of distance and time, giving corporate leaders enhanced capacity for intelligent decision-making, as well as more efficient steering and control of strategies and agenda—and this is exemplified more than ever in a boardroom setting. It’s definitely time for paperless board meetings.

The days of delays or unnecessary costs due to manual searching for documents, and then collating, reproducing and distributing them, are over. Everything your directors and administrators will need in a board meeting is offered by Convene—an enterprise-grade mobile meeting, information sharing and real-time collaboration application for iPad and Android tablets.

Streamline the board meeting process

Convene handles the entire board meeting workflow—from scheduling the meeting, inviting attendees, preparing documents and presenting them, recording important points, decisions and actions, and then archiving all materials, notes and minutes. Last-minutes changes (which always happens) to a meeting’s details like the date and time, agenda, attendee list and meeting files, are automatically reflected in the Meeting Schedule, so attendees are always updated.

Easily produce and update board packets

Board secretariats can prepare meeting materials while on the go: as long as they are within WiFi coverage, documents can be uploaded to Convene in an instant. Convene is is integrated with a powerful cloud-based document and meeting management portal, so access to documents on the cloud is possible using iPads, tablets or internet browsers.

Enhance communication with presentation tools

With page synchronization and use of a built-in laser pointer, the presenter can smoothly guide a presentation, which points and pace can be easily followed by attendees. Native support for VGA projectors enable sharing of content to a large audience in a conference.

Find the right information with user-friendly navigation tools

Convene’s user interface is so intuitive that even non-tech savvy executives will have no trouble navigating through pages of meeting materials. Getting to a page is as simple as tapping page thumbnails or using a flick gesture.

Add annotations to improve accountability

With just a tap, attendees can use annotation tools to highlight lines of text or areas on a page. The Notes tool is useful not only in jotting down points on a page, but they can also be used to record major decisions made in a meeting and then save them as action items or things to follow up in a list, keeping executives on track with discussed agenda, milestones or deadlines.

If Notes are too small to list all points in a discussion, executives can open the Whiteboard, where ideas, designs, processes, or even freehand text, can be illustrated with less talk. A Whiteboard can be set up as the first page of a meeting materials or document that will be collaborated on, or it can be inserted to the end of any document to facilitate discussions.

Archive records for corporate governance

After the meeting, annotated PDFs of the meeting documents can be forwarded to participants for record keeping and future reference.

Enhance board packet security

Aside from distributing materials and information to attendees, another important concern is not delivering them into the wrong hands—which Convene answers with 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) encryption for data storage on top of a multi-tier key management scheme. Convene can be deployed as an on-premise solution to your own server infrastructure so you can have greater control over your data.

With executives going places in a hurry, there’s the risk of losing devices, which may contain confidential or critical data. But with Convene’s Auto-purge, this does not pose as a problem, as data stored in a lost device can be wiped out remotely and away from malicious hands.

Ready to replace your bulky board packet?

Say hello to the iPad board meeting.

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Experience Azeus Convene

Learn how Azeus Convene can give you a great meeting experience. Get a 30-day free trial with no cost or obligation

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