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SaaS Makes a Log of Sense

5 Reasons Why SaaS Makes a Lot of Sense

by Alexandrea Roman on and last update on May 21, 2020

Nowadays, companies need to streamline all their processes if they want to stay ahead of the competition. One way to do that is to use digital solutions to perform the job. This leaves two options – either build your own IT services, or outsource them to a provider of software as a service (SaaS).

But not all companies can invest in an in-house IT services. Fortunately, SaaS is more affordable and adaptable. It also lets you:

1. Spend your resources where it matters

Starting your own IT services involves buying the necessary equipment, hiring expert staff members, training them on different procedures, and maintaining daily operations. It’s a major endeavor that uses up money which should be otherwise spent on your main business objectives. It also consumes time and effort especially in the beginning when you’re still learning what you need to know.

When you opt for SaaS, all you have to do is pay a subscription fee according to the licensing model the third-party provider uses, and they’ll take care of everything else. They already have the tools, people, and the credentials needed for providing the services they offer. They can also deploy their services right away, so you won’t have to wait.

2. Gain access to industry expertise

If you don’t have specialized knowledge in technology, you’ll have to hire consultants to help you build your in-house IT services from scratch. And because you want to get the best, you’ll have to offer competitive pay. It’s an additional expense on top of everything already mentioned, and it also takes away from recruitment budget allotted to hiring employees with skills that can directly contribute to your core business needs.

But you won’t have the same issue when you opt for SaaS. Part of the services most providers offer is the expertise of their staff. They are specially trained and experienced in their respective specializations, so they can provide helpful insight on how you can improve your processes. You’ll have access to this wealth of knowledge for free, so make sure to take advantage of it.

3. Be flexible with your options

Once you’ve invested a lot of resources into building your own IT services, you can’t just decide to overhaul it if you want to try something new. You may have to sell off equipment and lay off employees. Thus, don’t start your own IT services if you can’t commit to developing and maintaining them.

For more flexibility, SaaS is your best option. Your commitment lasts only as long as the contract does. If you just want to try one out for a year, you can do exactly that and leave with no strings attached after the contract ends. You can then renew your contract or look or look for other providers.

4. Demand high-quality service as a client

Your in-house IT services are bound by rules set by your company. Because of this, your company doesn’t answer to any third party when failure occurs. Who is going to hold your company accountable? None, because the arrangement is all internal.

It’s a different arrangement with SaaS. Because providers are third parties, they need to adhere to the service level agreement (SLA) stipulated in the contract. If they fail to meet these SLAs, they must face consequences such as paying your company a fine or refunding a portion of your payment. If they don’t perform their job well, they have much more reason to lose because your company will hold them accountable.

5. Enjoy high availability that comes with SaaS

The infrastructure on which your IT services are built determines their reliability. If the system goes down, the services down as well, unless you have multiple data centers to fall back on. But managing one data center is already challenging enough.

On the other hand, SaaS is more reliable because providers take advantage of the capacity of the cloud computing platform their solutions are hosted on. For example, Amazon Web Services (AWS), a popular cloud computing platform, has a monthly availability of 99.5% percent. This is because AWS has data centers in multiple locations, and it also does daily backups. Other cloud platforms such Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud have similar fail-safe measures.


Given all these benefits of SaaS, there’s no reason to wait any longer. Get your head out of the cloud and get SaaS from there instead. There are various solutions for different needs, so you’re likely to find suitable software whatever your objective may be. If you’re looking for a digital solution to automate your enterprise and board meeting processes, there’s Azeus Convene, a highly efficient and usable board portal packed with a comprehensive set of features. Ask for a free trial or demo today.

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Experience Azeus Convene

Learn how Azeus Convene can give you a great meeting experience. Get a 30-day free trial with no cost or obligation

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