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Get Paperless Meetings Started

4 Tips to Get Paperless Meetings Started

by Marc Tan on and last update on July 10, 2020

Paperless meetings are achieved when paper is replaced with digital devices as the medium through which information is presented and shared. By doing paperless meetings, we can reduce carbon footprint, access data any time, and save company resources. It’s a major and convenient upgrade from paper-based meetings.

However, companies are wary of implementing paperless meetings because of monetary and security reasons. Changing systems may require training that may cost more than what they bargained for. Also, one wrong move and they might leak important documents, erase data, or get hacked. As long as this kind of fear stays, it might take a long time before companies can use modern technology to their advantage.

But the longer they wait, the more they waste. So don’t be one of them. Stop the fear with these tips:

Know your software

A good way to start your paperless journey is to understand the software your company will use. Doing proper research can help you identify the features and services that specifically fit your company.

Software security is also a major feature. Face-to-face meetings are usually held in places that are deemed safe for presenting sensitive information. This is to avoid confidentiality issues and possible data leakage.

For virtual meetings, leaked data can erase all of a company’s competitive advantage and may lead to bankruptcy. CSO Online reported that every time a company’s data is breached, their consumer interest and public opinion decreases.

But by doing research, you can save your company not only money, but also headaches caused by security problems. Exploring board portals, such as Azeus Convene, is a good way to learn more about paperless meeting software.

Make support a key component

If the work environment is not equipped to handle a paperless environment, then the employees would probably have a hard time accepting it. Provide the employees with devices and proper protocols, so that they can start practicing and learn to avoid future problems.

By giving them the right tools, the employees will understand the importance of going paperless and will adapt and change accordingly.

Digitize all documents

Making digital copies of documents lowers the need for creating physical backup copies. Anyone who needs a copy of a document can easily download and store it on their device, which lessens the need for printing documents for each employee.

Less use of paper means less carbon footprint. Recycling is still the most common way to reduce carbon footprint, but going digital means there would be no actual use of paper. Reducing carbon footprint and expenses makes an effective combination.

Invest in fast and stable internet connection

Checking a company’s internet connection is a good way to gauge if a company is ready to go paperless. Slow downloads, unexpected down time, and erratic connection are factors in efficiency loss.

Research on proper internet infrastructure. If it turns out the company needs to revamp or change to another internet service provider, then do it. It’s a long-term investment towards efficiency.

Change the meeting field

Going with paperless meetings is a cultural commitment. By practicing paperless meetings, your organization becomes an example eco-friendliness within the community. This inspires other people to embrace modern technology and achieve improved productivity at the same time.

With all the benefits of going paperless, it’s not hard to see the possible shift. However, this move is not an easy task. It may be tricky at first but with your power to adapt, you’ll quickly understand and utilize this piece of modern technology for a better future.

To help you with the transition, check out Convene, a board portal solution that handles digital board rooms, synchronizes presentations, and tracks agendas, and identifies action points for modern administrators and decision makers.

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Learn how Convene can give you a great meeting experience. Get a 30-day free trial with no cost or obligation.

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