Executive Assistants Will Understand

13 Things Only Executive Assistants Will Understand

by Alexandrea Roman on and last update on July 05, 2019

Being an executive assistant is a unique experience. It’s a fast-paced job full of unexpected twists and turns, and you feel that no one can really relate to you unless they’re fellow EAs themselves. There are things only EAs know to be true. How many of these can you relate to?

You know you’re an EA when…

  • You thrive on pressure, adrenaline and caffeine at 4:30 in the morning.

Caffeine in the MorningVia mediagiphy.com

  • Your boss is at the top of your speed dial – higher than your parents, partner or the police.

Boss at Top of Speed DialVia mediagiphy.com

When was the last time you had to call the cops, anyway?

  • You carry at least two smartphones and battery packs because you can’t afford to be inaccessible ever, even while you’re on vacation.

Can't Afford to be InaccessibleVia media1.break.com

Scratch that – especially when you’re on vacation.

  • You remember to buy a gift for your boss’s spouse on their birthday, but you forget to buy one for your partner on your anniversary.

Buy Gift for BossVia tumbler.com

  • You’ve mastered the art of stealth eating because you barely have time for a normal lunch break.

Art of Stealth EatingVia thejoiurnal.ie

Scarfing down instant ramen on a moving train? Been there, done that.

  • You’ve racked up hundreds of thousands of frequent flyer miles on flights you booked, but none of them are yours.

Hundreds of Frequent Flyer MilesVia engineerontheroad.wordpress.com

  • You’re confident you can win the grand prize if you join Jeopardy and they put up an “All About Your Boss” category.

Jeopardy on Via jeopardy.com

  • You know the difference a simple ‘thanks’ can do because your day brightens up whenever your boss says it to you.

Thanks Brightens Up DayVia mac.hc-dn.co

  • You don’t take things personally anymore.

Don't Take Things PersonallyVia tumblr.com

You did cry once in a restroom cubicle back when you were starting out, but you’ve developed thick skin that would make the Spartan army proud.

  • You have so many office nicknames that no one calls you by your first name.

Office NicknamesVia tumblr.com

Magician, gatekeeper, caretaker, nanny, ninja, fortune teller, mind reader, gofer, MacGyver…

  • You believe there’s a fine line between genius and madness.

Genius and MadnessVia tumblr.com

You’ve often seen your boss teeter on it, but you help them stay on the right side (or at least, you try).

  • You put up with all the stress of your job because you truly respect and admire your boss, as eccentric and unpredictable as they can be.

Respect Your BossVia tumblr.com

  • You are a force to be reckoned with because for you, nothing is impossible.

Force to be Reckoned WithVia ak-hdl.buzzfed.com

With skills, wit, charm and luck, you can make anything happen.

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