Use Cases

Implement an enterprise-wide communications and collaboration solution for your organisation

Considering the different individual structure of each company, Azeus Convene offers a custom-built environment suited for enterprise-wide collaborative situations. With its fine-grained access right control, Azeus Convene can be deployed to different levels and function groups across your organisation’s horizon.

Business Session

Business Sessions

  • Enjoy a fluid whiteboard simulation with real-time synchronization when you annotate schematics and diagrams with freehand drawings and notes
  • Communicate better in less time using the annotated PDF export function to distribute the annotated documents to your team
  • Authorise documents to lessen turnaround delays in the execution of specific decisions
Committee Meeting

Committee Meetings

  • Monitor assignments for each committee member with the action items tracking feature
  • Control who can access your documents should there be any third party consultants present in the meeting through Azeus Convene’s permissions-based settings
  • Gather and cast votes on a specific agenda item through the attendees’ preferred method available in Azeus Convene
Lectures, Presentations and Workshops

Lectures, Presentations & Workshops

  • Improve your presentation skills by getting real-time feedback from the audience
  • Increase interaction through annotation: participants and presenters can both annotate materials and share them with one another in real-time
  • Help the audience stay focused on your presentation when you control the flow on their mobile devices and use the laser pointer to direct their attention

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