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Board Software

Equip your executives with a smart, simple, and secure board book software solution

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What is Board Software?

A board software solution is a digital platform that helps organisations improve their meeting processes. From meeting organisation to documentation and tracking & monitoring actions, a board software solution ensures that meetings run smoothly and more efficiently. It’s a paperless solution that cuts down preparation time and meeting management, all the while making it more convenient for executives to collaborate and make decisions.

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Who Uses Azeus Convene?

Board software are used by different kinds of organisations, most often by:

  • Listed Companies
    Listed Companies
  • Federal and State Governments
    Federal and State Governments
  • Non-Profit Organisations
    Non-Profit Organisations
  • Banking, Financial Services, and Insurance
    Banking, Financial Services, and Insurance
  • Educational Institutions
    Educational Institutions
  • Healthcare and Community Care Organisations
    Healthcare and Community Care Organisations
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What are the Benefits of Board Software?

Prepare and Distribute Files Effortlessly

Prepare, Manage, and Distribute Files Effortlessly

Board meeting documents become easier to collect, organise and distribute to meeting participants in a shorter amount of time

Make Pre-Meeting Annotations

Make Notes & Annotations Prior to Meetings

Meeting participants are able to make notes and annotations beforehand on their preferred device

Access Documents Anywhere

Access Documents Online or Offline

Board members are able to access pertinent meeting files remotely, whether online or offline

Allow Seamless Real-Time Collaboration

Collaborate Seamlessly and in Real-Time

Updates are sent in real-time through powerful syncing features – Documents are updated as soon as the device goes online

Maximize Security and Control

Secure and Control Access to Documents

Store all meeting files in a secure and centralised document repository, while controlling access and permission levels

Enhance Corporate Social Responsibility

Reduce Carbon Footprint

Achieve corporate sustainability goals and carbon reduction targets with the help of board software

However, the use of board software isn’t just limited to big organisations. Many small organisations feel the need to adopt the solution because of the nature of their boards’ operations. This leads us to a pertinent question:

How Do You Know When Your Organisation Needs Board Software?

There is a common misconception that board software can only be used by large corporations and institutions. Small organisations and nonprofits alike are adopting the solution as well because of how their boards operate. There are several factors that can reveal the need to launch a board software initiative in organisations, such as the need for more proactive and streamlined board collaboration. The following are just some reasons that organisations start looking into the implementation of board software:

Preparing Paperworks

Too much precious time, money, and effort are spent for your board packs:

  • Meeting documents reach over hundreds of pages
  • Reprinting and redistributing board packs get tiresome
  • Annual printing costs take up a big portion of your board budget
Content Accesability

Board communications are dependent on paper-based processes

  • Mailed board packs, whether digital or not, are vulnerable and can easily end up in the wrong hands
  • Highly-sensitive documents are not stored in a secure file repository
  • Paper-based board packs often result in higher chances of data breaches
Travel Hazel

Your Board is based in different locations and constantly travel

  • Apart from conflicting schedules, differences in time and location can prevent meeting participants from collaborating when they need to
  • Executives and directors sit on and manage different organisations and thus need flexible options
  • Globalisation has driven progress in many organisations, posing the challenge for boards to maximise efficiency on every level

Essential Features of the Right Board Software

With a number of board software in the market, executives are faced with the challenge to pick the best one for their respective organisation. It’s crucial that the chosen board software solution meets their vast requirements, some of which include but are not limited to:

Fortified Security System

Fortified Security System

As top management handles and discusses sensitive information on a regular basis, it is important that the documents are kept in a secure platform. Not only does the board software have to adhere to the highest security standards, it must also prevent data breaches in the network. Data should be secure, from user authentication and document encryption, all the way to access right control and automatic purging for lost devices.

Streamlined Meeting Management

Streamlined Meeting Management

To make the board software a worthwhile investment, the platform must be able to streamline the meeting process from start to finish. Both directors and secretaries must clearly benefit from the chosen board software.

Powerful and Intuitive Collaborate Tools

Powerful and Intuitive Collaborate Tools

The board software must make meeting processes more efficient and not slow them down. The solution must be a better way of collaborating, even beyond the boardroom, by supporting other activities such as monitoring and tracking action items, voting, and signing documents.

Diversified Hosting Options

Diversified Hosting Options

Different industries have different requirements and the chosen board software must be able to adapt to the requirements of every company. The board software must be flexible enough in terms of hosting options while not compromising security.

Cross Platform Compatibility

Cross Platform Compatibility

With the rise of Bring Your Own Device initiatives in organisations, another important feature that the board software must work on a user’s preferred device, whether it may be Apple, Android or Windows.

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A Comprehensive Guide to Board Software

A Comprehensive Guide to Board Software

This whitepaper outlines relevant information pertaining to board software, otherwise known as board portals, including:

  • Brief history of board software
  • Essential features of board software
  • Key criteria for board software selection
  • Going beyond the boardroom
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Azeus Convene as a Board Software Solution

  • Powerful and Intuitive Meeting Tools

    Powerful and Intuitive Meeting Tools

    With real-time synchronised views, Azeus Convene allows users to add private or shared annotations, assign and track actions, and present using the laser pointer.

  • Collaborate Seamlessly

    Collaborate Seamlessly

    Board members can easily vote on resolutions, review documents, sign documents by e-signature, complete surveys, and answer questionnaires.

  • Access Documents Anytime and Anywhere

    Access Documents Anytime and Anywhere

    Users can access files anywhere on their preferred device, with or without internet access, and instantly receive updated documents and meeting announcements.

  • Award-Winning User Interface

    Award-Winning User Interface

    Recognised by various award-giving bodies, Azeus Convene’s usable and intuitive interface lets users learn the application in as fast as 30 minutes.

  • Maximise Security and Control

    Maximise Security and Control

    Apart from having 256-bit AES encryption, access rights, and remote wipe for lost devices, Convene adheres to the highest standards of security as its data is hosted through Amazon Web Services at an ISO27001 data centre in Sydney.

  • Powerful and Intuitive Meeting Tools
  • Collaborate Seamlessly
  • Access Documents Anytime and Anywhere
  • Award-Winning User Interface
  • Maximise Security and Control

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Experience Azeus Convene

Learn how Azeus Convene can give you a great meeting experience. Get a 30-day free trial with no cost or obligation

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You may also contact Sam McGregor on 0431 395 477 or Tanya Gleeson on 0421 072 206, or email