Convene Version 4.0 Released

by Alexandrea Roman on and last update on December 06, 2019

As part of our never-ending effort to make Convene a better experience for all our users, we’re happy to announce that we’ve just released Convene Version 4.0.10742 to the App Store on July 14.

We applied bug fixes and made these enhancements:

Timezone support

You can search and select your city from the drop-down menu when setting the time zone in the portal. Daylight Saving Time is automatically factored in, if applicable.

For the mobile app, all date and time values are based on the local time zone of your device.

Retention policy

If you’re an organiser, you can set the retention policy of agenda files or documents by choosing a retention period. You can choose what to do when the retention period elapses:

  • Only the organiser has access rights to the agenda files in the portal and through the  mobile app on and after the retention period. Other participants can still access the meeting, but they lose access to the agenda files. Copies previously downloaded on mobile devices are also purged automatically.
  • Agenda files and their copies are permanently deleted from the portal and all mobile devices.

As a user, you can also immediately set the retention policy when adding a folder in the Document library. You have two ways to do this:

  • After the retention period, only the owner and administrators can access the folder and all its content in the portal and through the mobile app. Copies downloaded by other users to their mobile devices are automatically deleted.
  • The folder and all its content are permanently deleted from the portal and all mobile devices, including downloaded copies.

Ability to update agenda and documents during a meeting

If you’re an organiser, you can make the following changes in the portal even when a meeting has already started:

  • Add participants
  • Add/update/remove/reorder agenda items
  • Add/update/remove/reorder agenda documents

You can make all necessary changes and publish them in one go. The portal highlights any unpublished updates.

After you publish the updates, they are automatically downloaded to the respective devices of all participants.

Active Directory Federated Services (ADFS)

If you’re an administrator, you can integrate the portal with ADFS to provide users with a single sign-on access to Convene. You can also choose either one of these authentication methods to be used by these accounts:

  • Active Directory: User accounts do not have corresponding passwords stored in the portal. Instead, entered passwords are authenticated via the Active Directory server during the login process.
  • Convene password: The passwords for user accounts are stored and managed in the portal. A default password is provided for each account which the user is prompted to change after the first successful login.

Bookmarks of PDF files

You can view the list of bookmarked pages of a PDF file on the mobile app. When you tap on the list, the viewer jumps to the page, enabling convenient navigation.

Login Servers

We also updated the sign-in page to remember the details of one or more servers. If you have access to multiple Convene portals, this lets you switch quickly between those different servers without having to re-enter the information.

With all these improvements, try Convene now for a great meeting experience.

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