iPhone 5 Support

Convene 3.5: Richer Collaboration and iPhone 5 Support

by Alexandrea Roman on and last update on December 06, 2019

The biggest room is the room for improvement. Although our recent enhancements on Convene’s features, usability and performance have been well received by our customers, we believe we can still make it better.

The latest fruit of our labor is Convene 3.5. In this release, we’ve added even more ways to support richer collaboration and more productive meetings.

Personal Laser Pointers

Participants, even those who are not presenters, can now use laser pointers to mark parts of a document or presentation. This feature makes discussions more interactive by allowing any participants to direct others’ attention to what they want to talk about. Each laser pointer, identified by its corresponding participant’s name, appears in real time across mobile devices used by all the participants in the meeting.

Option to Lock Participants’ Screens

By default, Convene allows participants to flip to other pages, not following the presenter’s flow, if they want to. We’ve now added an option for presenters to prevent participants from skipping to other pages. This feature eliminates distractions to ensure that participants are following the presenter, which is especially useful when presenting remotely.

Direct Upload of Local Files When Adding Meeting Files

You can now directly add meeting files from local PC file directories, eliminating the extra upload step in the Documents & Files tab.

iPhone 5 Support

We’ve customized the interface to fit the iPhone 5’s form factor for a better viewing experience.

In light of our fast-growing user base, we decided to implement a limitation for personal free account users. Starting on May 23, a maximum of three (3) participants can join a meeting hosted by personal free account users. We apologize in advance for any inconvenience this will cause you. Rest assured that all our enterprise users will NOT be affected by this limitation.

What do you think of Convene’s newest features? We welcome your feedback. If you have any suggestions for features in future releases, let us know about them, too. We’ll keep your wish list in mind the next time we work on a newer version.

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