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Convene 3.4: A More Intuitive and Enterprise-Friendly Board Meeting Solution

by Alexandrea Roman on and last update on December 06, 2019

Every day, people use technology to do their jobs faster and make their lives easier. But when technology is not user-friendly, trying to figure out how it operates becomes a complicated process in itself.

This is why we are always working on improving the usability of Convene, the only comprehensive board meeting solution that handles the whole mobile meeting process, from sending out invitations and board packs to uploading minutes on the board portal. We want you to have not just productive board meetings, but a great user experience as well.

Our latest release, Convene 3.4, is more streamlined and intuitive than ever before. Everything you love about our app is still here, with the addition of these helpful features:

Drag and drop

You can say goodbye to repetitive clicking when uploading your files. With the new drag-and-drop feature, simply drag a document or image from your desktop or folder, then drop it to a folder in the Documents section of the portal—all in one quick and easy step. Putting together board packs and doing other file management tasks have never been this convenient.

SharePoint integration

This latest release of Convene supports integration with your organization’s existing SharePoint repository, eliminating the need to transfer to other content management systems. Your organization no longer has to spend time and effort on migrating documents, training users, and administering the repository. In Convene 3.4, you can use files stored in SharePoint as your meeting documents, or access them on your iPad for review before the board meeting.

LDAP integration

Convene 3.4 also allows the portal to be integrated with your organization’s LDAP or Active Directory for the authentication process. You can log in using your credentials in the LDAP repository so you would not have to create a new account for the portal.

Aside from new features, we also included these improvements:

  1. Fixed session timeout in modal screens
  2. Made freehand annotations exportable as PDF annotations
  3. Added access rights checking on export PDF files link from email
  4. Added access rights checking on download of meeting files from email
  5. Fixed UI bug in IE8 where folders with multiple subfolders and files overlapped
  6. Applied changes to allow participants to upload files and update their own files

What other features do you want to see in a board portal or board meeting iPad app? Let us know in time for our next release!

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