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Convene 3.3 for iPad and Android: Faster and Easier meetings than Ever

by Fisher Zhang on and last update on December 06, 2019

In an increasingly fast-paced business world, achieving effective meetings has never been more important. That’s why we’ve worked hard on features and performance improvements to help you do more—with less. Today, we’re happy to announce the release of Convene 3.3. Now available on iPad, iPhone, Android, and Windows.

Convene 3.3 is the latest release of the only solution that handles the entire mobile meeting process—from scheduling meetings, inviting participants, presenting and sharing files and documents, taking notes, minutes, decision and action items, to archiving meeting files and managing document versions.

Record Tasks and Important Meeting Decisions

While it’s a good thing to add remarks to the document you’re discussing or presenting, it’s even better to be able to record and list major decisions and tasks identified during the discussion. We’ve improved the Notes feature. so you can do just that. Now you can keep track of what matters most in your meetings—whether they’re for high-level management or simple brainstorming.

Lightning-Fast Performance

Rock solid connection. Shorter response time. Faster downloading of meeting files. Convene 3.3 supports regional servers in true cloud fashion, so you get instant results when holding a monthly board meeting, brainstorming with team mates, presenting ideas, teaching a class, or discussing any document with colleagues.

Dropbox Support

Previously, we gave you Box.com integration. Now, with Convene’s Dropbox support, you or the meeting secretary can share and annotate files and photos from your Dropbox account without having to leave Convene or manually transfer files.

Get More Documents On-the-fly During a Meeting

There are times when it’s needed to discuss or consult a document that was not included in the meeting deck, agenda files, or board pack. Convene 3.3 allows you get files from Box, Dropbox or the Convene web site—without leaving the session. Previous versions only allowed adding files when scheduling a meeting or before starting it. You or the meeting secretary can also get images from Convene’s photo library or photos just taken by your device’s camera.

Whiteboard—Sketch Freely

Use Convene’s Whiteboard, a blank page, to illustrate concepts, processes or designs. Unlike previous versions, it’s now possible to add more than one whiteboard on-the-fly without leaving the meeting you’re in.

Hassle-Free Viewing and Management

We’ve streamlined the interface based on feedback from our users. In Convene 3.3, it’s easier to switch between private and shared annotations, pass the presenter control, and make annotations on multiple without leaving the annotation mode. Get a better view of the document your team is working on with the full screen mode. Find your way by tapping the Help icon to view an overlay description of functions and tools.

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