Designed to meet the needs of senior level executives and administrators, Azeus Convene advocates for smarter meetings – less effort with better results. It enables its users to run digital meetings which enhance transparency and accountability in an organisation. As a paperless meeting solution, it saves money on printing costs and meets sustainability targets as well.

Smart Governance Processes

Ensure informed decision making processes for your boards

Smart Governance Process - Azeus Convene as a Board Meeting Software
  • Stay informed through real-time updates, action item tracking, and synchronised view
  • Send board packs and access your files anytime, anywhere
  • Access documents anytime and anywhere on your preferred platform – whether it’s iOS, Android, or Windows
  • Maintain an easy-to-use search history of the content and outcome of all meetings in our centralised document repository
Smart Governance Process - Azeus Convene as a Board Meeting Software

Simple Meeting Management

Run your meetings on one intuitive platform

Simple Meeting Management - Azeus Convene as a Board Meeting Software
  • Prepare documents, take down minutes, and assign action items – all through Azeus Convene
  • Use an easy and intuitive interface that users can grasp in 30 minutes
  • Vote on resolutions, review documents, sign documents by e-signature, complete surveys, and answer questionnaires

Secure Document System

Securely access files whenever and wherever you want

Secure Documents System - Azeus Convene as a Board Meeting Software
  • Keep data safe with Azeus Convene’s 256-bit AES encryption, access rights, remote wipe for lost devices, and many other security features
  • Host your server either on cloud or within your premises
  • Limit access to data and meeting files by defining access control levels
  • Improve transparency and accountability through audit logs
Secure Documents System - Azeus Convene as a Board Meeting Software

Taking Meetings to Greater Heights

Azeus Convene as a board meeting software has empowered organisations of all types and has evolved into an enterprise-wide solution. Its comprehensive set of features and functionalities has elevated the standard of meetings worldwide.


For Directors and Executives

Use Powerful Meeting Tools

Use Powerful Meeting Tools

Directors can add private or shared annotations, assign and track actions, and control other devices.

Allow Seamless Collaboration

Allow Seamless Collaboration

Board members can navigate through pages with a single swipe and get updates instantly through Azeus Convene’s real-time notifications.

Direct Participants' Attention During the Meeting

Direct Participants’ Attention During the Meeting

When presenting, executives can ensure maximum engagement from other attendees through Azeus Convene’s laser pointer and page synchronisation feature.

Securely Access Meeting Materials on Registered Devices

Securely Access Meeting Materials on Registered Devices

Azeus Convene’s enterprise-grade security features protects information with multi-factor authentication and enables remote wipe of data for lost or stolen devices.

Access Documents Anytime and Anywhere

Access Documents Anytime and Anywhere

With Azeus Convene, executives can access files anywhere they are – with or without an internet access. Everyone instantly gets the latest documents and meeting updates.

For Administrators and Secretaries

Prepare for Meetings Effortlessly

Prepare for Meetings Effortlessly

Secretaries can prepare for meetings with Azeus Convene’s drag-and-drop feature and invite participants in one go.

Distribute Meeting Files Instantly

Distribute Meeting Files Instantly

Documents that used to take hours to prepare, print, post, and shred can be sent to board directors in seconds with just a few clicks

Supervise and Control Access to Documents

Supervise and Control Access to Documents

Administrators can easily track activities in their environment and set access levels to confidential files through Azeus Convene’s audit trail and permissions-based settings.

Export Meeting Minutes and Packs with a Single Click

Export Meeting Minutes and Packs with a Single Click

Secretaries no longer have to summarise meeting minutes. Annotations made by directors are automatically included in the meeting minutes and packs generated.

Store Files and Generate Reports

Store Files and Generate Reports

Using the document library and auto-summary feature, secretaries can maintain an easy-to-search history of the content and outcome of all the meetings.

Who Uses Azeus Convene?

Discover why our board meeting software is the perfect digital collaboration tool for all types of users

Board Director
Board Director
C-Suite Executive
C-Suite Executive
Company Secretary / General Counsel
Company Secretary / General Counsel
Executive Administrator
Executive Administrator
IT Personnel
IT Personnel

Beyond the Boardroom

Get to know how our board meeting software
can become an enterprise-wide solution

Beyond the Boardroom: Business Sessions - Azeus Convene as a Board Meeting Software
Business Sessions

Authorise documents to lessen turnaround delays in the execution of specific decisions

Beyond the Boardroom: Committee Meetings - Azeus Convene as a Board Meeting Software
Committee Meetings

Monitor assignments for each committee member to ensure targets are met

Beyond the Boardroom: Lectures and Presentations - Azeus Convene as a Board Meeting Software
Lectures and Presentations

Engage with participants with powerful tools and enable real-time interaction


Have a better understanding of how our board meeting software works

How are you different from other board meeting software vendors?

With Azeus Convene, you get a comprehensive platform that meets all your meeting needs at an economical cost.

Do you provide phone and email support? What are your hours?

Yes, we provide 24/7
phone, live chat, and
email support. You can
send an email to
our support team at

Is there a chance I can test this board meeting software?

Yes, we provide a 30-day free trial which allows you to use Azeus Convene for your own meetings.

What is your pricing model?

Our pricing model is on a per user license, per year basis.

Paving the Way for More Purposeful Meetings Across Australia

Read case studies on how our board meeting software has positively impacted companies from different industries


Jane Albatal, Board Secretary of Metro North Hospital and Health Service (MNHHS), shares how switching to Convene benefits administrators and board executives in the government and healthcare sectors.

David Rowan, Chief Information Officer of Racing Queensland, shares how their organisation evaluated 7 different board portals before choosing Convene—saving time, effort and money after making the switch from paper-based meetings.

Glen Careedy, Chief Executive Officer of Bendigo Primary Care Centre Limited, illustrates the numerous advantages Convene has which ultimately led them to choose the solution.

Danijela Schubert, the Associate Division Secretary of SDAC-SPD, shares how their meeting process has improved now that they use Convene.

Hear from Our Clients

Read testimonials from our customers on why they chose our board meeting software

  • Racing Queensland chooses Azeus Convene as their Board Meeting Software

    “Finally I was driving the board papers rather than the board papers driving my time.”

    – Brian Halse, Chief Executive Officer of Racing Queensland

  • Boort District Health selects Azeus Convene as their Board Meeting Software

    “Convene has saved time, money, improved our decision-making and the way we work. It has increased productivity and consistency of information. We’re really happy with the program. It just makes life so much easier.”

    – Tamara Boyd, Corporate Services Manager of Boort District Health

  • PayMe Group selects Azeus Convene as their Board Meeting Software

    “Convene’s user interface is so easy to use that our team adopted it immediately and now experiences a greater level of enjoyment compared to traditional methods of meeting facilitation. When we need support, be it technical, or a question about how to use a feature of the application; our telephone calls are answered within one or two phone rings on a 24/7/365 basis. Convene is a remarkable addition to our business.”

    – Ian Lindgren, Executive Chairman of PayMe Group

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