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Using a Board Portal Amid COVID-19 Pandemic

Using a Board Portal Amid COVID-19 Pandemic

by Dustin Abad on and last update on September 16, 2020

Organizations all around the world are utilizing different methods to mitigate the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. These trying times, organizations are challenged to ensure business continuity. Now, more than ever, corporate boards have to make crucial decisions to keep the business afloat. In such high-stress situations that require effective and timely communication, a board portal can help directors respond appropriately to COVID-19.

The board’s role amid COVID-19

Given the situation, stakeholders expect much more from boards. According to the Institute of Directors, board holds pivotal roles in directing and refining the response of organizations. Further expounding this, directors are expected to monitor management’s actions and evaluate the appropriateness of top management’s steps. On top of this evaluative role, the board also has to set the company in the right direction.

All of these point towards how involved board directors are in helping their organization cope with COVID-19. Top management and consequently employees look to them for guidance. During these times, the management team communicates extensively with their board.

Crisis communication and board portals

More often than not, organizations use board portals to more efficiently manage extensive meeting packs containing confidential data and sensitive data information. Board portals allow directors to access meeting documents with ease, and smoothly collaborate with each other. Beyond this though, board portals prove to be effective meeting management solutions – giving directors access to all their important documents and allowing them to focus on making crucial decisions.

With most people working remotely, a surge in the use of teleconferencing tools has been observed. A board portal can be used alongside these tools to simulate physical meetings more effectively. Additionally, powerful board portals also have the capacity to circulate votes and track actions. These functions are also essential to maintain accountability amid these trying times.

The pandemic is one of the most dynamic ones the world has seen. Businesses feel this as well. For example, imposed travel restrictions have led to supply chain disruption. At the same time, temporary business closures and limited productivity have forced organizations to put their employees on furlough. Thus, board directors are expected to be dynamic in shaping their organization’s response.

Board portals can really help directors adjust to the rapidly-changing environment and quick pace of developments concerning COVID-19.

For more, read our guide on effective crisis communication.

Board portals as essential crisis management tools

The hallmark of an effective board portal is its ability to encourage and foster good governance, which is imperative during a pandemic. Using a board portal allows boards to meet instantaneously and access documents online and offline using their preferred device. As such, a board portal makes it easy for boards to communicate whenever they need to while browsing through the corresponding documents. To be more specific, here are some potential use cases for board portals amid the pandemic:

  • Presenting and communicating seamlessly with other directors in discussions and in making crucial decisions, with page synchronization.
  • Raising discussion points and action items through annotating directly on the document just like on paper. Because it is digital, it can be shared instantaneously with others.
  • Going through amended policies and guidelines specific for the pandemic. Through a board portal, directors can review and/or sign off on these policies just as they would physically.

These uncertain times can cause a lot of anxiety for companies and its employees. Stakeholders however, still expect the board to guide the organization attenuate the impact of COVID-19. However, with a board portal, directors can work towards a robust business continuity and resiliency plan.

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Convene’s board portal as part of your COVID-19 response

Convene is a board portal with a highly secure and easy-to-use platform to meet and collaborate from wherever you are. With Convene, you can:

  • Schedule and facilitate remote meetings with real-time interaction
  • Securely distribute and access corporate files
  • Work on documents collaboratively with other members
  • Assign and track action items
  • Send notifications, reminders, and invitations
  • Circulate votes in and out of meetings
  • Review documents
  • Approve documents by affixing electronic signature

As part of our response to COVID-19, we’d like to extend free trials to organizations who would like to use Convene to support their business continuity and resilience efforts. Find out more information on our offer here

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Experience Azeus Convene

Learn how Azeus Convene can give you a great meeting experience. Get a 30-day free trial with no cost or obligation

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