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Convene v. 4.2: Voting Options, Two-Factor Authentication, and Other Enhancements

by Alexandrea Roman on and last update on June 14, 2019

It’s always a top priority for us to make Convene a better board portal solution, so we’re happy to announce that we just released version 4.2 on March 24, Tuesday. This release includes enhancements for both directors and administrators.

For Directors

We now enabled the agenda number to display multiple sub-items. We also improved security by adding a two-step verification process that checks if the device used upon signing in is registered to the right user account.

For Administrators

For administrators, we improved system performance and responsiveness. Exporting the meeting pack and managing the Document Library now take less time, allowing for a more seamless experience than ever before. They can now also use available features and tools from the mobile app and the web portal without interruption from system processes.

Additional Features

Aside from these improvements, administrators can also enjoy the following features:

  • Receive notification when participants have schedule conflicts with other meetings.
  • Specify or change content in the header and footnote of a meeting pack, or adjust its margins.
  • Restrict access to agenda items if there’s conflict of interest.
  • Set an expiry period on email notifications to prevent unauthorized users from exploiting these to illicityly access the system.

Voting Options

Last but definitely not the least, we also rolled out Resolutions, a feature that lets administrators create and circulate resolutions to board members for voting, allow voting on behalf of another voter, prepare items to vote on as part of the agenda, and receive results in real time. For record purposes, the results are tracked and recorded in the portal then exported in the meeting pack. As for directors, they can use Resolutions to cast their votes by choosing from Yes, No, or Abstain.

We are dedicated to giving our customers an intuitive and comprehensive board portal solution, so we would love to hear from you. For questions and suggestions, send a message to support@azeusconvene.com.

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