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Choosing the Best Virtual AGM Platform for Your Organization

Choosing the Best Virtual AGM Platform for Your Organization

by Francesca Dosayla on and last update on October 08, 2020

Adapting to the new COVID-19 reality, companies across the globe increasingly move their annual general meetings (AGM) online. With many solutions available to choose from, picking the best virtual AGM platform that meets the needs of your organization might be difficult. To help you navigate the decision-making process, here are points to consider when selecting a virtual or electronic AGM solution.


For many companies considering virtual AGMs, the price of the solution will most likely be one of the biggest determiners.

While many factors make up the price of a solution, the cost of an online AGM platform is usually dependent on the number of features and meeting capacity. So before you start looking for an AGM platform vendor, analyze what features and meeting capacity you’ll need.

Look for providers that offer individually tailored packages that align with your requirements. Tailored solutions help avoid a situation where you pay for features that later won’t be used, resulting in excess costs.


An AGM solution should aid in effective management of debate and discussion through an appropriate set of features.

While different company types will have unique needs for their AGMs, there are AGM features that are universally useful.

  • Voting. The voting feature is crucial for making decisions and storing a compliant record of the voting. Check whether your organization needs a solution that can facilitate live voting.
  • Q&A. An intuitive Q&A feature facilitates shareholder engagement. The question platform—where the participants have adequate time to formulate their questions and review the answers—should be available before, during, and after the meeting. Solutions like AGM@Convene support two-way interactive video to better facilitate live question and answer sessions.
  • User list. An interactive user list makes it easier to track attendance for record-keeping.
  • Reporting and data exports. Compiling polls and minutes of proceedings helps keep records available for internal and external audits.
  • Digital administration of proxies. The management of proxy forms and voting rights improves administrative tasks and delivers a seamless meeting experience.
  • Meeting roles. Delegation of in-meeting roles ensures the meeting is organized.

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To further boost attendee participation and engagement, the AGM solution should be easily accessible via a number of platforms and devices. For example, web-based solutions can be accessed through mobile devices without any compromise on functionality present in the desktop solution.

Mobile versions of the AGM solution should be intuitive and easy to use so that shareholders of all levels of technical literacy could participate.


To prevent unauthorized third parties from accessing the meeting, an online AGM platform should employ robust security measures. Backed by regular third-party testing to screen for vulnerabilities, the best virtual AGM platform remains secure at all times.

The below are must-have features that keep the proceedings secure:

  • Two-factor authentication
  • Secure cloud environment for data storage
  • Tools detecting and preventing intrusion


Having external tech support during and before the meeting ensures that any technical issues can be resolved promptly. Furthermore, easily available tech support reduces possible time loss caused by fixing disruptions.

Tech support should also be easily available for attendees in case they would like to troubleshoot ahead of the meeting.

AGM@Convene provides all clients with 24/7 global support, including live support on the day of the AGM.


The rules governing annual general meetings are different for every country and region. For example, bylaws specify requirements to be met by organizations looking to hold a virtual AGM. Therefore, it’s important to check what kind of communication qualifies as being viable for an online AGM. Usually, the technology should allow participants to communicate simultaneously and instantaneously with each other.

Look for solutions that adhere to regulations governing annual general meetings in your region and country.

To ensure transparency and facilitate auditioning, consider solutions that employ detailed summary reports, data exports, and real-time display of voting results and Q&A sessions.

Meeting Capacity

Depending on the number of shareholders, your solution of choice needs to accommodate them all.

When picking a provider, check the meeting limit to ensure the solution has the necessary capacity. Remember, the platform needs to be able to host all members regardless of how many actually will attend.

The Best Virtual AGM Platform Increases Participation

Online AGM software facilitates the conduction of shareholder meetings. For some organizations, the adoption of new technology has become a necessity, even among companies who have been reluctant to embrace digitalization.

Some companies report a double or even triple increase in AGM participation after switching to online meetings. Therefore, a secure, convenient, and reliable AGM platform is critical to conduct the meeting successfully. Before deciding to implement your AGM solution, analyze its cost, features, ease of use, and support option to pick a tool that responds to your company’s needs.

For the best virtual AGM experience, AGM@Convene offers companies a fast, seamless, and secure platform for their virtual meeting needs. Find out more information or schedule a product demonstration here.

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Comments [2]

  • Frank Boddy

    Frank Boddy

    • Reply

    As a NNP incorporated cottage association in Ontario we are looking at a virtual AGM for about 200 people. It will involve 3 rounds of voting for new Directors and the top 5 Officers positions, as well as voting for prepare motions. We would preferably have it on a weekday evening in late August of September. We would need technical help in terms of a moderator and teach support person. Those along with an estimate, are our main requirements. Please let me know if you can help us meet these needs.

    • Abby Portugal

      Abby Portugal

      • Reply

      Hi Frank!
      We’d be happy to provide you with more information about our AGM@Convene platform. Please expect someone from our team to reach out to you soon. In the meantime, you can find more information on our product page here.

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