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COVID-19 has disrupted the status quo of AGMs.

But at Convene, we move with the times.

AGM by Convene

Fast, seamless and secure – our end-to-end eAGM solution empowers virtual and hybrid AGMs that can be customized to fully comply with your legislative guidelines.


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How Virtual AGM by Convene will transform your AGM experience

  • Virtual AGMs

    Virtual AGMs are a new experience for most, but AGM@Convene has got all your bases covered. Our all-in-one platform ensures a comfortable virtual AGM experience that fully adheres to SGX’s regulations from start to finish.

  • Heightened shareholder participation

    Heightened shareholder participation

    Our web-based solution increases shareholder access to the meeting with easy authorisation and delegation of meeting roles, digital administration of proxies and advanced submission of questions.

  • Enriched dialogue amongst users

    Enriched dialogue amongst users

    Our managed Q&A platform enables shareholders to voice queries and note objections in a fair and efficient manner.

  • Transparency maintained throughout

    Transparency maintained throughout

    Our real-time weighted voting system (integrated with proxy voting) and LiveStream service provide instant display of results and full audit trail.

    We also make it easy for the scrutineer to compile poll results into detailed summary reports and data exports.

  • Enhanced security and support

    Enhanced security and support

    User access is safeguarded with unique security code as well as SMS 2-Factor authentication.

    To ensure your virtual AGM goes off without a hitch, we provide 24/7 global support, including live support during the meeting.

end-to-end eAGM solution

An end-to-end eAGM solution, simplifying the entire AGM process from pre- to post-meeting to ensure everything is hassle-free for all parties

  • Pre-AGM Registration

    Pre-AGM Registration

    Digital proxy form for easy administration

    Pre-authorisation of user accounts and meeting roles for administrator, scrutineer, chairman, users

    Integration of proxy voting allows for seamless experience for pre-voting and live poll

    Question platform to allow for submission of questions prior to shareholders submitting their proxy forms

    Customised company branding
  • AGM


    Web-based solution to facilitate participation

    Real-time weighted voting so results are displayed instantly

    Managed Q&A platform for shareholder engagement

    Online user list for easier tracking of attendance

    Webcast of live AGM so users can tune in from anywhere

    Offerings catered for every budget
  • Post-AGM Support

    Post-AGM Support

    Audit trails

    Detailed reports for audit checks

    Data exports for administrators’ / scrutineers’ filing of documents

    24/7 global support

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Measurable Results, Real Experiences

Get to know how AGM@Convene was able to impact different types of organisations from various industries

  • “The team from Convene was very professional. They were prompt in replying to any queries that we raised, and effectively troubleshot any technical issues that occurred during the webcast. We were very glad to have engaged Convene for the company’s first virtual AGM. Everything went on smoothly with the support rendered from Convene.”

    - Lim Hui Min Jass (林慧敏), Cosco Shipping International Investor Relations Executive
  • “Thanks to the Convene Team for fully guaranteeing the smooth convening of CIH’s annual shareholders’ meeting. The team can actively coordinate and communicate when they encounter problems. They can also fully mobilize resources to find solutions. Well done.”

    - Shirley Liu, China International Holdings (中翔国际) Company Secretary Assistant
  • “Our sincerest thanks for the Convene team’s support throughout our virtual AGM planning, set-up, execution and follow-up.

    Even though the AGM proceeding was relatively short, it was our first eAGM experience. We value all the team’s efforts in conscientiously helping us get mentally, physically, and technically prepared, leading to the actual day of the AGM.

    I would definitely recommend AGM@Convene to any Listed Company that seeks a value-for-money and almost seamless solution, served by a friendly team such as Convene’s.”

    - Arthur Tan (陈冠深), Dynamic Colours CFO
  • “Having no experience in any electronic video and tele-conference facilitation with our shareholders on an international scale, we’re glad Convene brought to us a seamless experience conducting our company’s annual general meeting via webcast. The team has been approachable and insightful. Special thanks to our account managers who were very helpful, attentive, and prompt in every way possible in providing support to the company.”

    - Tio Shio Pin, Nam Cheong Limited Manager, Legal, Risk & Compliance
  • “We appreciate Azeus Convene’s team of professionals for their dedicated service and seamless attention leading to our company’s successful virtual annual general meeting.”

    - Priscilla Chan, China Jishan Holdings Limited Company Secretary
  • “First of all, we appreciate the excellent and professional solution service which Matex had received from Azeus Convene during our last AGM on 29 Jun 2020. The preparation work was evident and dealt with the specific issues that we faced. The support teams were warm and accommodating. AGM@Convene will be our first choice in the future!”

    - Grace Lok, Matex International Limited Assistant General Manager

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