Paperless Meeting Savings Calculator

The Paperless Meeting Savings Calculator is a program for computing the savings that your organisation will gain if your meetings are entirely electronic (without a shred of paper used), – from sending invitations, composing and circulating meeting agenda and materials, to presenting e-documents in the actual meeting, and finally, in archiving meeting minutes and files.

Just input information about your current paper-based meetings, such as the number of meetings per level, staff effort (in hours) in preparing for or organising meetings, etc. The tool then computes the total savings that your organisation gains from switching to paperless meetings through Convene.


Committee Level

No. of Committees (J)
Ave. No. of Members Per Committee (K)
Meetings per Committee per Year (L)
Cost of Committee Packet Printing (M)
Courier Fee (N)
Logistics Cost (O) = (M + N) x J x K x L
Hours Saved per Meeting (P)
Hourly Staff Wage (Q)
Staff Cost (R) = P x Q x J x L
Committee-Level Annual Cost (S) = O + R

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